eFileCabinet For Sperry Van Ness

Sperry Van Ness’s Preferred
Document Management Solution

As a Sperry Van Ness advisor, it is strongly recommended that you make the switch to a paperless working environment for all of your real estate documents. And for all Sperry Van Ness associates, eFileCabinet is the preferred vendor for document management software.

Why does Sperry Van Ness recommend eFileCabinet?

  • Free Mobile App: eFileCabinet provides you with free access to all of your documents from any mobile device. Whether you’re showing a house or closing a real estate deal, you can have all of the necessary documents in the palm of your hand with just one touch.
  • Easy Sharing and Signing: With the secure, encrypted client portal SecureDrawer, you can instantly share documents with buyers and sellers. And because eFileCabinet is integrated with RightSignature and DocuSign, your clients can sign the documents and send them back to you with a few clicks, saving you the time of having to deliver documents by hand.
  • Advanced Security Features: Real estate documents often include sensitive information about your clients, so it’s important that those documents are protected. eFileCabinet offers high-level encryption, password-protected access, and other advanced security features to ensure that only approved personnel can view your clients’ files.

Document Management Made Easy

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With eFileCabinet, you can store every real estate document you have for every property you’re handling in one convenient, organized, secure location. From real estate contracts and mortgage notes to commission contracts and home inspection reports, everything you need is at your fingertips. You’ll save time, be more organized, and be able to create a better relationship with your real estate clients. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to learn more about everything eFileCabinet has to offer.

Special Pricing for Sperry Van Ness Associates

As the preferred vendor for document management, eFileCabinet is proud to offer Sperry Van Ness advisors a 25% discount on our products. Whether you choose eFileCabinet Online or eFileCabinet Desktop, you’ll get the same exclusive discount. Just contact Curtis or Alex directly and tell them you’re a Sperry Van Ness advisor, and you’ll get eFileCabinet for just $41.25 a month per user!

eFileCabinet + SecureDrawer
Get our cloud-based document management system, combined with our secure portal—store, search, and share any file from anywhere at any time.

Per User:

$41.25 per month (billed annually)

Regular Price: $55 per month

One-time Implementation Fee: Starting at $200

Are You Ready To Be More?

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ALEX PATTERSON  |  Senior Corporate Account Manager
Phone: 801-407-8215


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