Solving Small Business Problems: eFileCabinet Purpose and Mission

Grammarians may reference the title of this piece and note that eFileCabinet is a company and therefore not a “who” of any sort.

But I beg to differ.

Think of every brand you’ve ever loved. That brand, if personified, would be someone in whom you found value and considered a friend or lover. LinkedIn is the pal who introduces you to the most important people at the office party. Google is your sage—the friend to whom you bring your most pressing questions. Kodak was the parent documenting the finer moments of your existence in celluloid.

We identify most with brands that humanize emotive forces in the purchasing context.

I will also remind you that eFileCabinet is a company, and all companies are organizations, which, etymologically, are akin to organisms—living entities with a pulse, purpose, and passion; living entities that are much like people themselves.

eFileCabinet Is a Hero Solving More Small Business Problems Than Anyone

eFileCabinet is a company solving small business problems, and more specifically, solving more problems that small businesses face than any other software company. Period. Even more specifically, eFileCabinet securely automates, organizes, and mobilizes small businesses.

Here are the most commonly listed results of using eFileCabinet as reported to us by our user base, with the corresponding problems solved shown in parentheses. Beneath the boldfaced print, the eFileCabinet features that solve the corresponding problems are mentioned and discussed.

  1. Keep everything in one place (scattered information)
  2. Waste less time (inefficiency)
  3. Eliminate lost or misfiled documents (disorganization)
  4. Work from anywhere (inflexibility)
  5. Facilitate compliance and ensure security (breach susceptibility)
  6. Improve customer service (poor customer acquisition and retention)
  7. Consistent file structure (inconsistent information storage)
  8. Securely share files of any size (inability to share lots of info securely)
  9. Automate redundant processes (Doing repetitive, unskilled tasks)
  10. Control access and track documents (internal data breaches, digital clutter)
  11. Save space and money (too many operating costs)
  12. Fast-track document turnaround (slow process pipeline)
  13. Maximize your performance (Not enough time to use money-earning expertise)
  14. Protect your business (no automatic data backup or encryption)
  15. Expand your business (inefficiency is stunting growth/innovation)

The Document Management Features That Produce the Above Results

Each of the 15 problems and solutions mentioned above have corresponding eFileCabinet features that resolved each specific issue. Below is a list of the features, what they do, how they do it, and the corresponding problem they solve in the previous section.

1. File Versioning
File versioning ensures a single file is never duplicated, but also that its different versions (including user editing history) are associated with the same document name. This reduces clutter, ensures consistency, lets you keep everything in one place, makes folder structure consistent, eliminates lost or misfiled documents, and keeps the most recent version of a file find-able. This is one of the simplest of eFileCabinet’s features that is solving small business problems.

2. Full Text Search
Full text search ensures that you don’t need to know exactly what’s in the document nor what the document is named to find it immediately within the eFileCabinet document management system. This reduces disorganization, fast-tracks document turnaround, and eliminates lost or misfiled documents.

3. Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
When most people think of manual labor, they think of menial work that occurs outside the office. However, paper-dependent businesses, especially given the rapid proliferation of data and information in the past 5 years, rival the typical manual labor worker in terms of manual labor completed in a week.

Simply put, Zonal OCR is the automation of data entry, file storage, and file retrieval—making it a complete automated and digital document organizer. A broad class of specific features, Zonal OCR includes full text search, but is not limited to that feature alone by definition. This prevents wasted time, inconsistent information storage, and using time on repetitive, manual tasks: solving small business problems never came this easily.

4. Templates
Imagine your business has one filing cabinet and a single customer. This filing cabinet has different drawers, folders, and files with the customer’s information. If you acquired a second customer, congratulations, but re-creating that same structure would be time-consuming with a traditional filing cabinet or even with a typical Windows folder structure on a desktop. Templates let you automatically replicate and apply the structure in the first filing cabinet to additional cabinets, perfectly complementing Zonal OCR.

Templates resolve the commonplace issues associated with redundant, repetitive, and time-consuming manual tasks, therein assisting workers in spending more time on their own expertise—the expertise for which they are paid.

5. SecureDrawer Web Portal
This web portal, which is top-ranked by CPA Practice Advisor, lets you share information without having to remove it from the vault at all. That is security. Its bank-grade encryption and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) adherence make it the preferred web portal for businesses. Email is breach-susceptible, and therefore not a safe outlet for transmitting information.

SecureDrawer also lets you grow your business with its custom branded URL—a feature that increases your web presence and drive more traffic to your website’s domain, concomitantly improving your domain authority and page rank. This features is a cornerstone of solving small business problems.

6. Role-based User Permissions
This is, essentially, employee management automation and project management automation at its best. Although eFileCabinet document management system lets you keep everything in one place, that would be cause for concern if we could not control who saw what—and that’s where role-based user permissions come into play.

Permissions assist with compliance in the event of an external audit, and, additionally, ensure certain documents are viewed only by parties allowed to view them. This is one of the easiest ways to solve small business problems.

This ensures the controlling access and tracking of documents as specified in the previous section. A significant portion of data breaches are internal (occurring from within the organization), and this is why role based permissions are so crucial to security.

7. Automated Retention and Deletion
This may sound scary to some, but the document management system can delete documents after specific periods of time as specified by the user. This reduces clutter, keeps things organized, and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. This is a particularly useful feature for human resources managers.

What is eFileCabinet’s Mission?

This one is plain and simple. eFileCabinet is on a mission to save the world’s workforce, solving small business problems one small business at a time. We provide an equalizing technology as potent as it is adaptable to the task at hand in an array of industries: human resources, technology, accounting, financial services, insurance, healthcare, construction, real estate, property management, and more.