The secret is out. The smart office requires document management software.

The 21st Century gave birth to smart phones and cars, so why is it that offices cannot hold the same rank? Well, it’s because they’re not using eFileCabinet. Keep reading to identify why smart businesses are relying on eFileCabinet, and for a number of reasons:


Document Security Standards: Reason #1 the Smart Office Requires Document Management Software

Data breaches are a bigger threat now than ever before. Ensure your documents are safe from both human threats and natural disasters both in-transit and at rest with a web portal, including the data backup any great business system should demand.

Backing up information on a zip drive or desktop not only isn’t as secure, it doesn’t work well in tandem with the other ancient forms of technology most still rely on today.

File Management Savings and Benefits

Gloria Hill, one of our long-time customers, has reputed herself to have saved over $70,000 since she became an eFileCabinet user. If that’s not ROI, then nothing is. The smart office requires document management software simply because of the ROI it can generate for a company.

Although she notes she was reluctant to spend money on a system that she didn’t know for sure would save her money, she was glad to have opted in once she discovered it would in fact save her a lot of money.

Reduce costs not only in supplies, but more importantly, save significant employee time, resources, and the cost of safe document sharing.

Not only are there immediate returns on investment—there are long-term and increasingly valuable returns on investment the more you familiarize yourself as to why the smart office requires document management software.

Document Management Mobility and Accessibility

Your whole office is available anywhere you have Internet access–24/7, from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Safely and easily work where you need to, when you need to.

Oftentimes the accessibility of information is viewed as a handicap to its security, but eFileCabinet is one of the few technologies that defies and transcends this misconception.

Document Turnaround and Productivity

Instead of spending time sifting through files and processing paperwork, take advantage of cutting-edge technology that allows you to improve customer service and eff­iciency.

As is the case with security and mobility, productivity is just one of the many ways that eFileCabinet liquidates your skills and expertise into money in your back pocket.

A Deeper Look Inside why the Smart Office Requires Document Management Software

Online (in-the-cloud) and On-Premise (desktop) versions available
Automatic file backup
Mobile App and Mac compatibility
Includes document level indexing and full text search (OCR and Zonal OCR) for enhanced search capabilities
Systematic file versioning and organization templates create consistent file structures
Integrates seamlessly with Sage Impact, Microsoft O­ice, SalesForce, QuickBooks, RightSignature, and Simplifile
Imports files from any program source and stores them in their native format
Role-based permission groups and audit tracking meet regulatory requirements
Advanced workflow automates paper-heavy processes
Digital signatures
Automatic (but user-specifiable) document retention and purging
Enables compliance and facilitates audits for regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA, & SEC
Compatible with all popular internet browsers–no plug-ins needed
Very simple versioning, all in one place with just one click
Popular ‘hover over’ editing, or ‘mouse-over’ functionality, with easy-to-recognize icon interfaces
Quick Search with advanced and basic capabilities


(Most popularly used for real estate items like deed titles, mortgages, etc.), helps process the e-recording of large and important real estate documentation with ease)


Caselle is a vendor providing financial software solutions primarily for local governments and districts.
Upload files from eFileCabinet to the Simplifile website with ease for review and processing. Once document package is processed, eFC identifies the processed file and automatically downloads it into the folder as a .TIFF file.
eFileCabinet keeps an automatic log of everything in Simplifile. Send digital packages and check its status in the simplifile log, which is available in eFileCabinet

We integrate with something called Caselle “Clarity Suite,” which leverages a Microsoft SQL
(Structured Query Language) database, facilitating great customization bandwidth in

confluence with eFileCabinet’s open API.
Caselle helps leverage workflow of payroll and human resources needs.


This integration enables users of sage impact cloud-based platform to sign up and use the
eFileCabinet cloud document management solution from within the Sage Impact dashboard.
Sage Impact helps accountants manage business intelligence, new business leads, and
This integration couples eFileCabinet’s all-purpose document management software with
highly tailored accounting features of Sage Impact. With eFileCabinet, there is no software to install; it’s an easy annual subscription payment—letting you renew on experience instead of buying something on hope.

Plus, all subscriptions include the #1-rated secure client web portal, which enables sharing with clients and guest users. eFileCabinet is an award-winning, simple, and a­ffordable system that makes going paperless easy. Clear your cho­ice of stacks of paper and bulky filing cabinets and increase your profitability.



This incredible document management superpower is the easiest way to interact with
and maintain your files and allows you to work with commonly used documents without
even having to log in. This is why the smart office requires document management software, and big time.

It’s dynamic, fast, and synchronizes immediately. It will change the way you manage your business and client interactions. This instant access icon further increases efficiency for eFileCabinet users, and comes free with our product. For those who are in search of a way to bridge the gap between their document management system of choice and the remaining programs on their desktop, the eFileCabinet SideKick is the optimal answer.

An instant access icon that bridges the gap between files on your desktop and files within eFileCabinet. Allows for rapid file uploading (50+ files at once), including hover over editing/mouse over editing functionality. With its easy-to-recognize icon interfaces, the SideKick is already an office favorite among those who use it in the SMB space.

Quick access menu: new technologies don’t mean confusing quick access menus or other difficulties. They just mean a streamlined way to do more, albeit this way will not lead to information overload as it does with other document management systems.
Additionally, the SideKick Recents, Favorites, Tagged, and Checked Out file categorization and more.
Comments for each document can be seen at-a-glance in full conversation view, providing extraordinary organizational power, functionality, and accessibility.

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