Cloud Based Document Management for Small Business: Why It’s the Best Tech Option

Cloud based document management for small business has taken center stage in 2017, and if yours is like many small businesses, you probably have a mixed data environment, meaning that you have a combination of paper and electronic files that these solutions can resolve. Although this has become the norm, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way to do things.

Separate ways of storing and compartmentalizing information oftentimes make for redundant file creation and operating costs associated with misfiling and misplacing documents.

This type of system may be adequate if you plan to keep your business relatively small in scope or experience a limited data or document flow. But if you have plans to expand your business or are already in the midst of a growth pattern, you’ll soon discover that you’ll need to upgrade your document management process to maintain the efficiency — and profitability — of your operation.


Go Completely Paperless With Small Business Document Management Software

The good news is that affordable, user-friendly software that can streamline and simplify the small business document management process is readily available. The best small business document management products are cloud-based, which means the data and files are stored and accessed over the Internet instead of your computers’ hard drive. This offers various important advantages for a small business operation.


Reduce Your Operating Expenses

Small businesses must be “lean and mean” in order to remain competitive. Any high quality small business document management software program will help you save money by going paperless and reducing physical storage costs.

However, cloud-based document management for small businesses will also allow you to utilize your existing computer equipment and infrastructure, so you won’t have to make any expensive hardware purchases. You’ll find that the increased efficiency provided by cloud-based document management for businesses will enable you to quickly recoup the cost of your investment.


Increasing Productivity

Small business owners and their employees must typically wear many hats. By speeding up and simplifying the process of capturing, sharing, storing, managing and protecting data, small business document management software enables everyone to multitask with greater efficiency.

You’ll also save the most precious commodity in any small business: time. You and your team will have more time to devote to other tasks, while minimizing the time spent on mundane administrative functions.


Forge Accessibility

The virtual nature of the cloud means that small business document management can happen just about anywhere — you basically just need an Internet-connected device.

If you’re on the road trying to acquire new customers to close a deal, or you’re spending the day working at home, you’ll still have access to all of the features of your document management product. You’ll be able to share files and collaborate with your staff even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

The best cloud based document management for small businesses, no matter how the rankings change, will always entail a mobile application with a huge portion of the functionality of its desktop counterparts being retained. small business document management solutions are also compatible with mobile devices.


Security and Compliance Considerations

Cloud based document management for small businesses can significantly improve the privacy and security of small business data. The best systems include high-level security features that restrict access to sensitive documents to only authorized personnel.

Additionally, you’ll want to invest in a solution that clarifies its compliance claims. Compliance is an extremely important facet of information management, and you’ll want to buy from a vendor who has a handle on what compliance for its customers truly means.

Any cloud based document management for small business vendor claiming to guarantee compliance strictly through use of the software alone is incorrect in this claim.

There will always be a human factors component to compliance, but software has made significant advancements in simplifying the compliance process in an array of different industries. Generally speaking, compliance is a byproduct of correctly using built-in security features of any given software.

They also provide audit trails so you’ll know exactly who has access to the files, which is important from a compliance perspective. The best cloud-based document management products are compliant with FINRA, HIPAA, SEC and NASD regulations.


Alleviate Concerns About Losing Data or Files

A fire or natural disaster could destroy paper or on-premise computer files, which could have a devastating impact on a small business. By storing your critical business files in the cloud, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is always protected. The avoidance of a data loss also means that you’ll be able to resume your operation quickly after a disaster strikes.


eFileCabinet Offers Reliable Cloud Based Document Management for Small Business Needs

The eFileCabinet Online product is a cost-effective, cloud-based document management solution that can be tailored to the needs of small business owners. The intuitive program interface makes eFileCabinet Online easy to use.

Other key features include the availability of unlimited cabinets, drawers and files, document level indexing and full text search capabilities. eFileCabinet Online is also backed by complete customer support, including consulting and training.


eFileCabinet is Your Most Credentialed and Decorated Option

Although there are a number of reasons cloud based document management for small business has seen a usage uptick, most of it can be attributed to the fact most businesses are discovering functionality within the solutions they didn’t even know existed.

Most SMBs look for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions by mistake, discovering that a document management system for SMBs is a better fit for their organizations’ needs. With rave reviews from Finances Online, CrowdReviews, Capterra, Business News Daily, and CPA Practice Advisor, the eFileCabinet difference is clear.

With an above average net promoter score for the industry and user-friendly interface, eFileCabinet has been able to augment its impact through numerous developments over the span of 2016, with 2017 proving to be a year with even more developments lined up in the queue.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the product updates in 2017, which will be dispersed in most of eFileCabinet’s product platforms.