Slideshow: The Information Management Olympics

In order for the document management industry to have its own Olympics prior to the real deal next year in Rio De Janeiro, eFileCabinet has decided to use what’s left of the wintry 2015 season to rank the best 10 countries on their information management capabilities of their organizations on a 10-point scale according to 3 criteria: security, efficiency, and simplicity. We will start at Number 10, and countdown to 1, the countries placing third, second, and first earning bronze, silver, and gold medals respectively.

One thing is for certain: if you want to harness the global power of these nations on a smaller, organizational level, the first step is to click here.

flag of luxembourg
10. Luxembourg

Hailing from Europe, this country kicks off the information games, clocking in at number 10. Since 2012, Luxembourg has paved massive inroads to secure, efficient, and simple information management practices in both government and corporate sectors., a worldwide economic forum, also deemed this country’s organizations the most “tech ready” for new innovation.

Information Security: 7
Information Efficiency: 7
Information Simplicity: 8
Composite Score: 22
flag of china

9. China

Given its new 2015 cyber security legislation and the government’s ability to procure and make sense of massive amounts of economic data, China as a country is thriving in terms of information governance. Its organizations are no different given that China’s 12 largest companies are government-owned.

Information Security: 8
Information Efficiency: 8
Information Simplicity: 7
Composite Score: 23

united kingdom

8. The United Kingdom

After placing fifth overall in a global cyber security ranking survey mentioned on Business Reporter, the UK earns a nod for the 8th spot on eFileCabinet’s information management podium. With a consumer and business constituent ranking among the savviest in the world, this nation’s government has adapted to meet its citizens’ and businesses’ technology needs with secure, efficient, and simple policies.

Information Security: 8.5
Information Efficiency: 7.5
Information Simplicity: 7.5
Composite Score: 23.5

south korean flag

7. South Korea

This country has paved major inroads to the paperless classroom, increasing the efficiency of its educational processes. Additionally, South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) is one of the most stringent yet justifiable security standards in the world, and it is South Korea’s own. This law spans, in great breadth, the various actions required on specific sectors’ part in the event of security breaches – keeping its citizens safe and its organizations responsible.

Information Security: 8.75
Information Efficiency: 7.5
Information Simplicity: 8
Composite Score: 24.25

flag of denmark

6. Denmark

Denmark, in all its innovation and insight, may become the first country to become cashless, taking steps to rely less on paper and more on paperless, digital forms of payment and legal tender – making this country an efficiency frontrunner.

Information Security: 8
Information Efficiency: 9
Information Simplicity: 7.75
Composite Score: 24.75

norway flag

5. Norway

This nation’s simple yet effective resource efficiency policies on both national and organizational levels have resulted in secure and sustainable information management practices across the board. Among the most resourceful nations in the world, we expect to see Norway find continually useful ways to increase and extend the usability of labor resources, strengthening efficiency and thereby economic output.

Information Security: 7.75
Information Efficiency: 9.25
Information Simplicity: 8
Composite Score: 25

united states flag

4. The United States of America

The USA invests large amounts of capital in resolving and preventing enterprise-level data breaches. Additionally, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a faster-than-average growth rate for information management occupations until 2022. But the US is no slouch either when it comes to organizational efficiency: As the country with the largest economic impact in the world, its processes are evidently efficient for both consumers and organizations. However, its far-reaching impact has put a slight dent in the nation’s simplicity score.

Information Security: 9
Information Efficiency: 9.5
Information Simplicity: 6.75
Composite Score: 25.25

singapore flag

3. Singapore

A plethora of universities devoted strictly to information management coupled with a decent retention of graduates from these universities, who now help the nation’s labor force, has given Singapore the right to the bronze medal in our Olympics.

Information Security: 9.5
Information Efficiency: 9
Information Simplicity: 8
Composite Score: 26.5

flag of sweden

2. Sweden

Practically a mecca for information management innovation, it’s difficult to poke a single hole in this nation’s information management regime, for its impact is felt in a breadth of organizational sectors, educational settings, and policy enactments throughout the nation. Needless to say, it’s worthy of 2nd place.

Information Security: 9.25
Information Efficiency: 9
Information Simplicity: 8.75
Composite Score: 27

flag of finland

1. Finland

If there is one way to describe Finland’s information management practices, it’s that this country is revolutionizing the security, efficiency, and simplicity of the information management process as we know it. Finland brings a wealth of tech startup innovation, digital and efficient educational processes, and simple yet cost-effective information management policies from its regulating authorities. For these reasons, Finland takes the gold in our Information Management Olympics.

Information Security: 9.5
Information Efficiency: 9.25
Information Simplicity: 9.25
Composite Score: 28

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