Slideshow: 8 Signs That You’re Using Too Much Paper

There are certain things in business that will require the use of paper. Some documents need to be kept in physical format for compliance purposes, for example. You may have a few clients who refuse to accept digital copies of contracts. So eliminating paper from your office entirely can be a bit unrealistic in many circumstances. But how do you know when you’re really just using too much paper? Here are a few signs.


Your Recycle Bin Is Always Full

If your recycling bin or shred box seems to always be filled with papers, then you’re probably using too much paper in your office. And clearly, if you’re throwing it out that often, it’s not even essential paperwork.


You’re Always Ordering Printing Supplies

Do you find yourself ordering fresh reams of paper and new printer cartridges all the time? If you’re doing it more than once every few months, they you’re probably using too much paper, and contributing to high spending on office supplies.


Your Filing Cabinets Are Overflowing

Like we said, some paperwork needs to be kept in physical form, but that represents a very small number of documents. If your cabinets are overflowing with papers and you’re struggling to close the drawers, you definitely have too many paper documents. Digitize as many of them as you can, and try not to add any more papers to the drawers.

man holding large stack of paper files

You Struggle to Find Items

Do documents get lost in your office a lot? Does it take you a long time to track down the information you’re looking for? That’s probably because you’re relying on paper too much. Paper is easy to misfile or lose, and it takes a long time to shuffle through stacks of paper to find the specific form you need. If you find lots of your time is spent searching for information or documents, then you should cut down on your paper consumption.


Your Hands Are Covered in Papercuts

Shuffling through papers all day comes with its own health hazards. Foremost among those is papercuts. If you find yourself constantly putting bandages on your fingers, then you’re handling paper way too much. Papercuts should be an anomaly, not a part of your day-to-day life.


Spending Too Much on Mailing Supplies

As we said, some of your customers may insist on you sending them physical copies of documents, so you may occasionally be required to send documents through the mail. However, if you’re always ordering envelopes and stamps, and the clerks down at the UPS or FedEx store know your name, then you’re definitely using too much paper. Try sending documents through client portals like SecureDrawer instead.


Contracts Take Weeks to Complete

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous slide. If you always have to send your contracts through the mail, then you’re going to have a lot of waiting time on your hands before you get the final, signed contract back—especially if you have to send it to multiple parties for signatures. If your contracts are taking weeks to complete because you’re waiting around for people to sign and return the documents, then you’re relying on paper way too much.

paperless filing systems can help this scenario

Your Desk Is a Paper Repository

Do you have stacks of paperwork on your desk? Do you still have one of those paper organizers that are marked for incoming and outgoing documents? Then not only are you living about a decade in the past, but you’re using paper far more than you should be. Your desk should never be a repository for paperwork, and paper should never dictate your tasks for the day.

briefcase overflowing with documents


If you recognize any of these signs in your office, then it’s high time that you cut down on your paper usage. Keep only what absolutely must be kept in paper form, and digitize everything else. It will make your work day go a lot more smoothly and give you more freedom, instead of letting those stacks of paper tell you what your priorities should be. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about how you can reduce your paper consumption.

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