Headlines scream the devastating news—“Hundreds of Thousands of Customers’ Data Breached”, “Insurance Company Suffers from 3-Alarm Fire”, and “Accounting Firm Fined Millions of Dollars for Regulatory Failures.” These headlines tell the stories that plague businesses large and small. Read on to learn how to protect your business or company from disaster and loss.


Natural Disaster Data Loss

Natural disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from earthquakes and floods to hurricanes and mudslides.

Everyone thinks that it won’t happen to them—until it does.

How is your company protected against natural disaster? Do you have copies, off-site storage, and access to all records, files, and important paperwork? Can you rebuild your business in another location, or would your livelihood be lost?

To break it down into physical terms, imagine you have filing cabinets full of your client’s information, your SKU product information, or other important documents. To keep your company and documents safe, you make another copy of each document contained in your bulging metal filing cabinets and rent a storage unit one state away to file away a backup copy of all paperwork. You spend days copying, hauling, and filing all documents away to protect yourself against loss should a natural disaster occur.

With a Document Management Software (DMS) program you can save time, money, aggravation, and Flintstone-age backup and storage to rest assured that every single piece of documentation stored within will be safe from any type of natural disaster that comes your way. All documentation and files are now e-files and are safely stored away from harm. Because data is stored off-site, you’ll be covered and able to rebuild your company after a disaster hits your office.


Regulatory Authority Fines

With the call to simplify life in today’s world of complicated procedures, the last thing you want to face is an enormous fine from a regulatory industry for failing to properly save or access required records. So, how do you stay in compliance with the many and varied industry regulations?

eFileCabinet provides integrated regulatory features that are built into all of our DMS products. You can become compliant with FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, or any other major industry regulation with ease. A clear audit trail is created during all uses including file uploading, sharing, editing, and more. During a regulatory audit, employees will easily search for and find any requested document, and all documents will be securely destroyed upon the outset of required holding time.


Data Breach

You’ve heard the stories of big-box retailers who inadvertently release private and important customer and client information, leaving them vulnerable to thieves and data hackers. These breaches in security happen because a company is not properly protected against savvy e-criminals.

As a company, you can suffer in multiple ways in the event of a data breach. Some of these include the following:

  • Damage to reputation
  • Damage to brand
  • Lost revenue
  • Lost productivity
  • Liability

If your company handles any type of sensitive information, it is imperative that you are properly protected in all of your online activities.  You can begin protecting yourself and your customers by considering the following:

  • Make your transactions PCI compliant
  • Know what data you have in your charge, and where and how it is stored
  • Establish and outline data policies and educate employees
  • Safeguard sensitive data through encryption; pay special attention to email communication
  • Safeguard from within your company
  • Keep your eye on third-party associates
  • Develop an incidence response plan
  • Keep on top of the changing technologies

eFileCabinet has cutting-edge security built into all of our DMS products; however, if you are looking to up the ante on security, you can do just that with our SecureDrawer product. SecureDrawer is a web portal that allows you to safely and securely send files and documents to clients without fear of a data breach.

This secure sending is possible because of SSL/TLS encryption on data that is transmitted between your computer and the data servers. Data is encrypted with a 256-bit AES standard on the data servers, and data is always transferred using Secure Socket Layer layer (SSL) technology.


Industry-Specific Products

No matter the disaster you want to protect your company from—natural, data, or regulatory—the products offered by eFileCabinet provide industry-specific and comprehensive safeguards built-in to protect you from destroyed reputation, lost revenue, and lost time due to an unwanted disaster. Give us a few moments today by filling out the contact form and we will give you a free 15-minute personalized demonstration.