In order to be a successful freight shipping company, it is necessary to keep all the obligatory files and documents stored and able to be presented upon request. From communications between importers and exporters, to lists of what is being included in the shipment, everything has to be recorded for official use. Busy freight shipping businesses can struggle with shipping document management if they do not have the proper system to handle the bulk load of information that is sent and received.


In order to streamline and simplify the enormous amount of paper files that are acquired throughout any day, week, or month, there are easy-to-use electronic filing systems available. Companies like eFileCabinet offer a service that allows all the documents acquired to be kept in one easy to navigate program online. Not only does this relieve some of the frustration that comes with trying to keep everything organized, but it also increases the overall efficiency of the business. When there is a request for a document, it can quickly be pulled up and delivered to the appropriate agency.


Ocean Freight Shipping Documents and Forms

Any experienced freight shipper has an understanding of all the paperwork that goes along with sending out goods for international shipping. Different governments and customs agencies require dissimilar ocean freight shipping documents and other forms. At any one time, a shipper may be required to provide any one or all of the following documents: Bill of Lading, Shippers Letter of Instruction, Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin or NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Inspection Certification, dock or warehouse receipt, the Shipper’s Export Declaration or SED, Export License, Letter of Instruction, and the packing list.

These ocean freight shipping documents must be filled out accurately each and every time. Any discrepancies can cause a shipment to be delayed, suspended, or completely cancelled. By having shipping document management in order, the shipping and receiving of the desired merchandise will go much smoother.


Shipper’s Letters of Instructions Documents

One form that can be particularly troublesome is the shipper’s letters of instructions documents. The company that is shipping out the merchandise will often have to fill out this form. It is one of the freight shipping forms that explain any instructions from the exporter to the carrier. In many instances, this form is going to be similar, if not identical, each time a shipment goes out. Completing the same form over and over again is both time-consuming and frustrating when there is a job that needs to get done.


Proper Document Management Is Vital

The shipper’s letters of instruction is put in place in order to protect the exporter and the shipment. It is absolutely necessary that this document is filled out accurately because it tells the forwarding company how to handle the merchandise. Without proper instruction, there could be damage or other financial loss to the freight shipping company. To avoid this from happening, it is essential to have the proper instructions on hand and ready to provide for each and every shipment.

By having the documentation ready to go, it can avoid delays in the shipment that may occur. These forms are also important because, at any moment, the customs agency or government officials in charge of the shipment may want to see the documents. In the event the freight shipping company cannot provide the requested information, there can be a fine imposed. No business wants to take on additional costs. With electronic filing and organization of the documents, it is simple for any of the approved employees to go in and pull up whatever form is being asked for.


eFileCabinet Can Help

All of these frustrations can be resolved with an effective electronic filing system. eFileCabinet provides the services that a freight shipping company can benefit from when it comes to managing shipping forms. The freight shipping forms that are being requested can easily be located within the paperless office.

The documents are kept safe and secure so there is no need to worry about the privacy of the information stored. This type of service saves money and improves the efficiency of the workers responsible for the filing aspect of the operations. As an added benefit, eFileCabinet allows other existing software to integrate with currently used programs like Microsoft Office Suite. The paperless office is the answer for improvements in competence and production.

Having the proper electronic filing system is essential for both organization and efficiency. Before choosing which one is right for a freight shipping company, it is necessary to identify the specific needs of your corporation. eFileCabinet allows users to take part in a free 15-minute demo of the services that are offered. You can discover how eFileCabinet will benefit from the simplicity of managing shipping forms with online filing.