These days, one of the most common problems people face when dealing with computer data management is sharing and storing big files. It’s very difficult for computer users to store large data, especially when it involves multimedia files—such as video presentations—that take up a lot of space and are too big to share online.

Since emails have file size limits, it has become essential for users to find a new way to store and send large files instantly. Luckily, there are online client portals or file sharing services that allow files of any size and format to be transferred without any problem. You can easily and conveniently share large files with a click of the button.

Secure Drawer to the Rescue

SecureDrawer is a file sharing client (portal) service from eFileCabinet, Inc., designed to rapidly deliver, receive, and track important or large files via the web. SecureDrawer provides a secure, affordable solution for sharing your information. Upload, download, manage, and share your documents, photos, media, and more!

We can help you share large files with clients with our unique online file sharing service

  • Secure & fast file sharing/client portal system
  • Access & share important files 24/7 from any web connection
  • Available tracking notification
  • File encryption ensures privacy and confidentiality
  • Easier and safer than FTP
  • Side step the file size and security limitations of email attachments
  • Custom brand the service with your company logo and colors
  • Reduce costs and risks of physical document distribution or overnight delivery
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • No contracts, no time limits
  • Integrated with the eFileCabinet document management system

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