So many signatures, so little time. Plenty of businesses can’t proceed with certain projects or even day-to-day tasks without someone’s signature of approval. Getting signatures can be a time-consuming process that can take up the better part of a day. This is especially true if the person you need to get a signature from is far away, like a partner in another office or a client who lives in another state. Finding a safe and efficient way to share documents and get a signature is essential for companies that want to conduct business efficiently. Instead of chasing signatures, work smarter with tools that can help you share and get documents signed faster.

Go Digital

The first and most obvious step is to ditch paper and go digital. Electronic signatures are just a valid as pen and paper, so don’t be afraid take the leap. Often when we get a physical signature, we have to scan it into a digital copy anyway so it’s more easily shared and stored. eFileCabinet makes working with a physically signed document easy.

eFileCabinet allows you and your coworkers to digitally sign documents with just a few clicks thanks to integration with your preferred electronic signature application. Just locate the document within the system, which you can do quickly with the full-text OCR search function. Then right-click to find the sign button to open the application.

Share Docs and Get Back Signatures

You can send requests to someone in your company to sign a document within the eFileCabinet interface, but if you need to get a signature from someone outside the company, it’s still a simple process. With eFileCabinet, you securely share any document with anyone as well as send file requests for them to upload a document with a signature.

Sharing documents with eFileCabinet is highly more secure than sharing them over email. Instead of directly sending the recipient the document as an attachment, the system sends them a link to set up a secure connection to the platform where they can download, upload and digitally sign the document. It’s backed by bank-level encryption so you can assure clients that their private information is secured, and they can sign important documents over the internet without fear of compromise.

Even More Ways to Sign

Have you ever been working on the road and need to get a signature back to the office right away? With the eFileCabinet mobile app, all you need to do is snap a picture of the signed document and it’s automatically uploaded to the system as if you were putting it through the scanner.

Furthermore, if you bring a contract or other important documents for a client to sign in-person, you can have them sign it directly on your phone or tablet.

With several ways to sign and get signatures, eFileCabinet helps businesses so they can get their signatures faster and keep business moving. With a secure and intuitive filing sharing feature and integrations with popular electronic signature applications, it’s easy to take your entire business digital and global.

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