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If you have come to the point of needing a way to organize your paperwork, you’re in luck. There are more than a few options when it comes to these programs, and each of them may offer something that you feel fits you perfectly. The programs being mentioned are called document management software, or DMS for short. DMS can be a lifesaver and a game-changer for any business starting out, or for a business that is looking to get an edge on their competitors. Imagine having all of the information you could ever need at the push of a button, wherever you are.

As mentioned, every program is different, even if they might have plenty of the same features. It is the few unshared features and qualities that make or break a program. So, which is the right one for you? If you have been searching for DMS, you will most likely have come across two popular names: eFileCabinet and SentryFile. Now it’s time to read their reviews and make a wise and informed decision.


SentryFile Features

SentryFile is DMS that will allow you to store massive amounts of information on their Cloud servers. This paperwork would normally take up a whole room, filled to the brim with a cluttered mess of previous transactions, emails, and anything else that goes on throughout a business. Why would you need to designate a whole room for this when there is the Cloud? The Cloud is where all this important—and some not-so-important—information is being kept. What about paperwork that isn’t a computer file? Well, SentryFile allows you to quickly scan the information and turn it into an appropriate file and sort it into its individual folder.

Why have document management software if it doesn’t do a better job of sorting the files than you would? Fortunately for all those messy individuals out there, it allows for a multitude of tags and specific information to be attached to the file. This will improve its ability to be found quickly while it is kept in its appropriate place. When looking for that same file, you only need to use the same tags or folder names that you attached, and it’ll show up as quickly as you placed it.

You can also specify who can and who can’t access a folder. This adds a small level of security for those trying to access sensitive information, such as tax information and health records needed for business. Only those with access to the program within your business will have the freedom of having information on the go.

To get a free demo of SentryFile, you must go to their website and fill out the information needed to get a link to a download. SentryFile pricing varies based on the type of package you’re purchasing. The packages are small business, corporate, and enterprise editions.


eFileCabinet Features

SentryFile definitely has a simplistic interface, but it lacks the depth and originality of eFileCabinet. eFileCabinet has an interface that is in-depth, yet user-friendly. With features similar to those of SentryFile, such as uploading information, filing it to specific locations, and access of all of the information to the Cloud, there are still parts of this program that differentiate it from its competitor.

If you are the administrator of your account, you have access to back up the entirety of your library of information to the CloudView. The integration of CloudView and eFileCabinet is almost seamless. The search window will save you and your employees time while also allowing for in-depth categorizing, which SentryFile doesn’t offer. eFileCabinet includes a different level of organization: drawers and cabinets. This will increase the amount of information that is being sent and shared without decreasing the ease of access. This is done to simulate an actual cabinet, which is used by people in office environments every day.

Adding who can and can’t access certain files and folders as an administrator is as easy as ever. This will give you that same sense of security that SentryFile was able to provide, but it will also give you access to the history of a file. The history of a file will show who accessed the file and when it was accessed, giving you a full audit trail for every file in your account.

Workflow is another great tool needed to pass information to and from others using the program. If you need to view approval of tasks or purchases/returns, this is a great way to keep track of who is viewing the document. If anyone else has access to workflow, they will show up in the history of the file being sent through workflow by tracking its progress.

eFileCabinet is available for anyone looking to take themselves and their business to another level of professionalism. This program will increase productivity by cutting down on time spent searching for information that would otherwise be available whenever you need it. Less time spent searching means more time spent working on tasks that benefit your business directly.

High Marks

eFileCabinet has been praised for its great performance and has already had the pleasure of helping multiple businesses increase their own productivity output by assisting them in organization. Organization is undervalued, but it can make or break a growing business. TopTenReviews gave eFileCabinet a 9.75/10 for its quality and numerous options for filing information to different portions of your program.

The company also achieved such a high score due to astounding customer support and ability to aid those using the program that are in need of assistance. eFileCabinet has videos available on their website that will aid with some minor but common issues users deal with.

The only possible negative aspect of this program is the sheer number of tools available to the administrator; though it may confuse some people because of the number of options available, it gives you complete control over your account. The possibilities within the program are left in the hands of the users.

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