Many organizations that are searching for document management software solutions turn to open-source products, mainly because they’re readily available, easily accessible, and most of allfree. One of these open-source document software products is SeedDMS, an enterprise-ready platform for sharing and storing documents and data. SeedDMS is a continuation of LetoDMS software, which has lost its developer. This post provides a comprehensive SeedDMS review, as well as recommendations for SeedDMS alternatives.


Key SeedDMS Features

SeedDMS bills itself as being highly intuitive and easy to use, simple to install, and capable of performing numerous private storage and enterprise applications. It also includes all of the previous LetoDMS features.

Many of these features are fully web-based and include:

  • Creating documents and folders: SeedDMS enables you to create at least one version of each document consisting of the actual document content. You’ll be able to update a document as needed, while still having access to previous versions. You can also develop a file and folder system that is similar to what is found on a computer hard drive.
  • Document and file search capabilities: SeedDMS offers additional metadata such as author, keyword, and other random attributes for enhanced search capabilities. This enables indexing of common document and file types such as PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word for full-text searching.
  • Simplified workflow management: SeedDMS builds upon the simple workflow management process offered by LetoDMS. In addition to requesting review and approval of a document prior to release, the advanced workflow engine now enables the development of self-directed workflows. 


Getting Help When You Need It

As with most open-source document management software products, SeedDMS isn’t backed by a dedicated customer support staff.

These are the options for getting assistance:

  • Contacting the main developer by email
  • Installing the SeedDMS on Synology or QNAP hardware
  • Downloading the various SeedDMS product documents that are available online
  • Participating in the online SeedDMS forum where you can ask questions and engage in discussions with other users
  • Contacting one of several third-party professional support companies that can provide guidance in various SeedDMS-related issues 


Is SeedDMS Secure? 

As with most open-source document management software products, SeedDMS doesn’t offer robust security features. If you operate a business that includes strict regulatory oversight or where privacy is a primary concern, a closed-source document management system is a more viable option.


Considering the SeedDMS Alternatives

eFileCabinet offers innovative closed-source document management software solutions that are more powerful, versatile, and secure than open-source products. Get access to a wide range of advanced, user-friendly features such as full-text search, workflows, folder templates, and drag & drop file storage. eFileCabinet software also offers easy integration with Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and other business software solutions. Full in-house training and support is also availableyou won’t have to rely on outside vendors to get the help you need.

From a regulatory compliance and security perspective, eFileCabinet offers a range of effective security features that open-source document management products cannot match. Our FINRA, SEC, and HIPAA-compliant software includes role-based security permissions, audit user tracking, systematic file versioning, data encryption, and other stringent security measures. Companies in security-conscious industries such as education, finance, healthcare, and government can use eFileCabinet software with total peace of mind.


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