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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a number of noteworthy security features. With an architecture designed to fulfill the requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations, AWS has a number of enticing attributes. Incorporating countless tools and features, AWS offers superior solutions that make it unique from other security and hosting services.


What Makes Amazon Web Services Unique

Here at eFileCabinet, we stand by AWS. In fact, we use Amazon Web Services for an additional backup for all of our data. We rely on AWS to provide an additional layer of security for each and every customer.

Amazon Web Services not only guarantees superior security with all data that is sent to its servers, but it also offers additional security features and physical safeguards. Amazon Web Services goes the extra mile to ensure that information is protected at all times. With the infrastructure to handle small and large organizations, AWS provides trusted security solutions.

Security Safeguards AWS Provides

Amazon Web Services does not rely on a single safeguard alone to protect your data. In fact, AWS relies on a number of safeguards to ensure that your data and systems are always secure in the Cloud.


Physical Safeguards

Amazon Web Services provides a number of physical safeguards to ensure maximum security. With state-of-the-art data centers coupled with renowned architectural and engineering approaches, Amazon takes the utmost care in providing physical safeguards.


Fire Detection & Suppression

Every data center is equipped with automatic fire detection and suppression equipment. The equipment is included in all mechanical and electrical infrastructure spaces, along with chiller rooms and generator equipment rooms.


24-Hour Power Systems

AWS relies on Uninterruptible Power Supply units, or UPS, to provide backup power in the event of an emergency, ensuring that power outages never occur.


Controlled Climate & Temperature

Services and hardware require a specific temperature to run smoothly. Each center is fully equipped with climate control to maintain the optimum operating temperature.


Storage Device Decommissioning

Every storage device reaches the end of its life. AWS includes a decommissioning process that prevents data from being exposed to unauthorized individuals.


Technical Safeguards

AWS also offers a world-class network infrastructure that is continuously monitored, managed, and secured. With the option to select custom levels of security and resilience depending upon your organization’s needs, AWS offers a reliable and integrative network.


Secure Network Architecture

Network devices are in place to monitor communications across the external and internal boundaries within the network. Access control lists manage and enforce the flow of traffic, ensuring optimal security.


Fault-Tolerant Design

AWS is equipped to handle complex IT architectures and features superior durability. In fact, AWS is designed to tolerate hardware malfunction or failures with minimal effect.


Secure Access Points

To maintain maximum security, AWS only allows for a limited number of access points to the Cloud. Providing customer access points called API endpoints, AWS allows for secure HTTP access. This means that a secure communication session is always achieved.


Network Monitoring & Protection

AWS relies on a number of monitoring systems, designed to provide a high level of performance and protection.


Transmission Protection

With Amazon Web Services, you can easily connect to any access point safely and securely via HTTP or HTTPS using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).


Advantages AWS Offers

Are you interested in what some of the advantages are to using Amazon Web Services? While there are a number of advantages, there are some pretty significant ones that we think you should know about.


Superior Support

There is no doubt about it; one of the most notable Amazon Web features is their superior support. Offering countless security features that guarantee the privacy of your information and systems within the Cloud and around-the-clock availability, AWS provides world-class support.


Network Security

AWS provides built-in firewalls, allowing you the opportunity to create private networks within the system. In addition, AWS allows you to control the network’s access, providing enhanced security.


Data Encryption

AWS is equipped with data encryption capabilities with storage and database services such as EBS, Glacier, Redshift, S3, SQL Server Red, and Oracle RDS. AWS also allows you the choice to have AWS manage the encryption of your keys or for you to take full control.


Monitoring & Logging

AWS also guarantees that nothing is left in the dark. Providing you the tools and features such as alert notifications and log aggregation options, AWS allows you to see what is happening within your environment 24/7.


Custom Access Control

AWS offers custom user-access settings. With the ability to define individual accounts and multifactor authentication, AWS provides a fully comprehensive and integrative identity and access management.


Complete Compliance

The advantages of AWS don’t end there; Amazon Web Services also provides security and complete compliance. In fact, AWS even enables for a higher level of control. Due to the fact that all systems are built over the AWS Cloud, compliance responsibilities can be shared. Through AWS Assurance Programs, they facilitate full compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and other regulatory bodies.

AWS offers world-class security, which is why eFileCabinet relies on them for their online backup needs. With physical and technical safeguards in place along with complete compliance, Amazon Web Services offers trusted and reliable global network security.