Managing your documents digitally with the help of document management software (DMS) is the first step to going paperless. In this article, we’ll explore two DMS providers: SecureSheet and eFileCabinet. We’ll talk about what each company offers and which solution can benefit your organization most.


What SecureSheet Has to Offer

SecureSheet Technologies, LLC, began in 2003 with a vision to allow businesses to communicate more effectively. Before document storage moved to the cloud, employees could only collaborate in steps by sending documents back and forth via email. Alternatively, employees could work together at the same computer. SecureSheet allows users to collaborate from a distance and with confidence through the creation of secure, online, multi-user spreadsheets.


Upgrade Your Spreadsheet to SecureSheet

Small and large companies often rely on the extensive use of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are helpful for creating pro forma income statements, annual performance reports, sales reports, budgets, payroll reports, inventory reports, and more. Spreadsheets are the go-to document for startups, too.

That’s because formulas make it easy to manipulate data inside of a spreadsheet. For example, if you want to achieve certain profit margins, you can play around with the numbers until you find one or more workable solutions.


The Problem with Traditional Spreadsheets
Traditional spreadsheets are unwieldy: to share a spreadsheet with a colleague, it must be transferred via email or USB stick. Plus, it’s difficult to collaborate on a spreadsheet because you risk overwriting changes when you transfer files back and forth.


SecureSheet Offers New and Improved Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are still a great tool for your organization. With SecureSheet, you can now view your spreadsheets online and give multiple users access to your file. Your spreadsheets are also stored securely in the cloud, which means you can access them from any device with internet access.


Who Can Benefit from Using SecureSheet?

If your company relies heavily on the use of spreadsheets to communicate internally, SecureSheet has the option to do this securely. That being said, if you’re already using an online spreadsheet with multi-user access, then SecureSheet doesn’t offer anything new.


Drawbacks for Using SecureSheet

SecureSheet is for spreadsheets only, not other types of documents. Furthermore, it’s unclear how user access is determined. Presumably, each new spreadsheet would designate which users are authorized to view and edit the document. SecureSheet may have a valid solution to these concerns, but other companies offer a more comprehensive approach to document collaboration and file sharing.


What eFileCabinet Has to Offer

eFileCabinet offers a full-service document management system. File sharing and multi-user access is only the tip of the iceberg. eFileCabinet supports various different file types and integrates seamlessly with other key software, including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Salesforce.


Reduce Paperwork with Document Workflows
eFileCabinet’s goal is to help you transition to a paperless office. In order to reduce paperwork, eFileCabinet provides you with document workflows to help your employees get work done efficiently and in priority order. Workflows to streamline operations, route documents throughout your company, and keep track of employees’ workloads.


Keep Documents Secure with User-Based Access
It’s important to share your documents with employees inside the company. After all, employees need access to files to get their work done. At the same time, your organization has to keep documents secure. eFileCabinet helps you prevent unauthorized access with user-based permissions.


Verify Authenticity with the Audit Trail
Every company should have document management policies in place to guide employees in doing their job. But in order to verify the authenticity of your documents, you need an audit trail like eFileCabinet offers. The audit trail shows you when, how, and by whom a document was altered. You can even see previous versions of the same file.


Integrate Document Management with Other Software
Having access to your documents in electronic format is great. But most of the time, employees are utilizing other programs to get work done. eFileCabinet integrates with other software to make it easier to manage your documents. Whether you’re using Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Salesforce, or another program, we help you save your files without having to multitask and open up separate programs.


SecureSheet vs. eFileCabinet

Compared to eFileCabinet, SecureSheet has very limited features. It’s only useful for sharing spreadsheets with other users. And even then, it may not be scalable because user permissions may have to be set for every spreadsheet individually.

On the other hand, eFileCabinet offers a comprehensive solution to your document management headaches. Whether you’re concerned with spreadsheets, contracts, order forms, accounting records, pictures, or other files, eFileCabinet gives you the ability to store and manage those documents safely.

To learn more about how eFileCabinet works, fill out the form on this page for a free 15-minute demo. If you have any questions about our DMS solution, feel free to give us a call or chat with us.