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SecureDrawer Web Portal

Introducing the New SecureDrawer

SecureDrawer is the reason you no longer have to send information via breach-susceptible email, letting you securely share documents and large file sets without removing them from this bank-grade encrypted web portal. SecureDrawer gives you a protected way to share documents with clients and coworkers alike. With just a few clicks, you can instantly share documents, all within a secure, encrypted portal.

SecureDrawer Web Portal

Why SecureDrawer?

With the compliance requirements set by HIPAA, the SEC, and other regulatory entities, email is no longer a safe or compliant way to send any important document. To properly maintain your clients’ confidentiality and protect your business from non-compliance issues, you need the 256-bit encryption and security features provided by SecureDrawer.

SecureDrawer Web Portal

Features That Customers Love

securedrawer-icons-01EASE OF USE | With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can eliminate the learning curve and get to work quickly.

securedrawer-icons-03SECURITY AND BACKUP | All data is encrypted with a 256-bit AES standard on the data servers, and transmitted data is protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

securedrawer-icons-02VALUE | Add to your business with improved customer service and less wasted time, all for a competitive yearly subscription.

securedrawer-icons-04RECEIVE FILES SECURELY | Not only can you send files to your customers, but they can send them right back to you without needing an account, keeping data safe and saving processing time.

SecureDrawer Helps With Compliance

SecureDrawer assists with compliance
SecureDrawer assists with HIPAA compliance
SecureDrawer Web Portal

Banish the Risk. Invest in eFileCabinet.

Organizations of all types face the risk of security breach on a daily basis. Get rid of the risk for good by using eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer. Click here for more information.

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