Email is no longer a safe and functional means of sharing information. Although email may seem instantaneous, email messages stop in several artificial locations while in transit: These locations are where the majority of email is intercepted, even with encrypted email services.

So if you’re sending sensitive client information via email, you’re not only subjecting your business’s reputation to an unacceptable level of risk, you are jeopardizing the identity and privacy of clients who know the risks of email all too well, and will gladly take their business elsewhere.

Aside from security, the ability to share, send, and access files quickly and with a high degree of functionality is essential to smooth business operations. SecureDrawer 2016, powered by eFileCabinet, Inc. is a fast and secure file sharing portal that allows you to access and share critical business files with colleagues and clients on a 24/7 basis anywhere there’s an internet connection. What’s more, businesses aren’t restricted by file size when sharing information through SecureDrawer.

Cloud-based SecureDrawer features a secure SAS 70 Type II data center that effectively prevents access to unauthorized users. The data residing on the servers is also protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

SecureDrawer can even help you reduce the costs associated with paper document distribution and delivery services such as FedEx and UPS. And that means many boons to your company’s bottom line.

Through SecureDrawer, privacy and confidentiality are ensured through 256-bit AES (advanced encryption standard), and servers protected by SAS 70 Type II data centers. Our security measures ensure that yours and your clients’ information is protected and that standards within your industry are upheld.

This video is Part 1 of an introduction for Guest Users to learn about all of the great features of eFileCabinet Online and its various benefits.