[redirected] SecureDrawer Glossary of Terms


SecureDrawer is a fast and reliable online file sharing service, or Client Portal.

Drawer: Drawers allow you to share files between users.

  • Client Portal: A secure website that serves as a document exchange center between you and your clients (or other third parties).
  • Admin User: Admin accounts are able to view multiple guest users and can be assigned to manage a subset of guest users.
  • Guest User: A Guest User is someone who logs into eFileCabinet to simply view/download files that have been shared with them by an Admin user.
  • Storage: This is the total amount of hard drive space used by your account. For example, if you have uploaded a 5 megabyte file to ten of your customers, your total storage usage would be at 50 megabytes.
  • Shared Drawers: Allow you to group users together so that you can upload a document to a single location, and make that document available to several users all at once.
  • User Groups: Allow you to select which Administrators will be controlling which Guest Users
  • Audit Logs: The Audit Logs allows you to check to see when files were uploaded, downloaded or deleted. Every action is logged and tracked so you can see when items were modified.
  • File Encryption: Documents are secured during upload, download, and while they’re stored on the SecureDrawer Servers. Your documents are safe and secure, and you can guarantee this to your clients.
  • Recycle Bin: If you delete a folder or document, it will go to the Recycle Bin. The recycle bin is there in case you need to restore the document. Keep in mind that documents in the Recycle Bin are part of the maximum file storage use you purchased. You may purge items in the Recycle Bin to permanently delete them from SecureDrawer and to free up some space.
  • RightSignature: The easiest, fastest way to get documents signed online (e-signatures). Signatures are legally binding, and compliant with U.S. and International e-Signature laws.