This 50 minute video covers almost everything you need to know to use SecureDrawer both with eFileCabinet Desktop 2014 and on its own.

For accountants,
tax experts, or anyone else who deals regularly with high volumes of paper, the positive impact of integrating your document management software with your client portal is undeniable. eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer (our client portal) was designed to work seamlessly with eFileCabinet Desktop (our document management software). Not only were these products designed to enhance efficiency, they also improve online security with 256 bit encryption (About 2128 times more secure than the standard 128 bit).

This tutorial shows how to integrate and customize SecureDrawer with our customers websites and eFileCabinet Desktop. Learning how to take advantage of all the features we’ve built into these products will significantly reduce the tedium of working with large volumes of sensitive documents, allow you to recall them instantly, and easily and securely share the appropriate ones with clients.