At eFileCabinet we understand that a central part of many people’s businesses and personal lives involves sending and receiving information over the internet. Thanks to the internet, anyone can benefit from sending and receiving information from almost anywhere in the world. These benefits though, diminish when the confidentiality and security risks of online communications become too great. It isn’t difficult to share information these days, but it can be difficult to share it securely. To address this need, eFileCabinet has created a product to take the worry our of sending confidential documents over the internet: This product is SecureDrawer.


What is SecureDrawer?

SecureDrawer is eFileCabinet’s client portal and allows you to send and receive files, forms, documents, pictures, videos, and more over the internet with the peace of mind that it is heavily encrypted and secure. The file sizes you send can also be much larger than simple email attachments, close to 100 times larger, in fact. You can use SecureDrawer on your computer or mobile device, and you can access shared files via the Cloud almost anywhere in the world.

SecureDrawer is network file sharing made easy. It was designed to work closely with eFileCabinet’s document management systems, but can be used as a standalone product too. To share, you can add guest users beneath your account and share files with them. This allows you to use SecureDrawer to send information even if the recipients are not eFileCabinet customers. SecureDrawer also comes with available tracking notification, a simple user interface, and the ability to embed SecureDrawer into your site with personalized business logos and color schemes.

Individual files as large as 1GB in size can be sent via SecureDrawer, which is much larger than any email provider can handle as an attachment. Storage size starts at 1 GB while data transfer starts at 5 GB. If more space is required, it can be easily increased with a nominal monthly fee increase.

To ensure optimal online file sharing security, SecureDrawer uses SSL/TLS encryption on all data that is sent between your computer and the data servers. Data is encrypted with 256 bit AES standard on the data servers, and data is always transferred using Secure Socket Layer layer (SSL) technology. SecureDrawer data centers comply with regulatory standards and attain the necessary certifications. They have achieved Level 1 PCI compliance and have obtained ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and HIPAA certifications.

eFileCabinet products are designed to provide simple, focused, and secure solutions for document management. Secure file sharing with SecureDrawer delivers the ability to keep any file or document in its native format, virtually regardless of file size, and send it far more securely, knowing that privacy and confidentiality are being protected. SecureDrawer also reduces the cost of mailing documents.

Occasionally, emergencies arise when a client or customer needs a document immediately. Instead of rushing to the post office and paying premium prices for next-day delivery, with eFileCabinet products you can have instant delivery at no additional cost. There is also no risk in documents getting lost, and you are able to see the audit log history that proves where and when a document was shared.

At eFileCabinet we’re committed to saving our clients time, space, and money, while increasing service quality and security measures. We’re in the business of helping businesses run smarter and more efficiently. Contact us to see how an electronic filing system can benefit your business.