SD: Create Multiple Guest Users at Once

How to create multiple SecureDrawer Guest Users from inside eFileCabinet


1. Login to eFileCabinet as the Admin user.

2. Click on the Cabinet you wish to create SecureDrawer Guest User Portals. Then under the Home tab click on Edit Profile.

You will notice the Drawer profile has 17 fields. The 4 SecureDrawer fields are:
1. Email: 2. Full Name: 3. Company: 4. Phone:
Fill these fields out. The one field that is absolutely necessary to create a Guest User in SecureDrawer is the email address.

3. Click on the SecureDrawer tab at the top. Then on the SecureDrawer toolbar click Add.

4. Note every drawer in this cabinet will now have an Unmapped SecureDrawer portal icon.

5. At the top far left in the SecureDrawer tool bar click Login. The Login to SecureDrawer window will open. Type in your user name. That is the email address you used to sign up for SecureDrawer. Type in the password you created when you signed up for SecureDrawer

6. From the SecureDrawer toolbar click on Create Guest Users. A Create SecureDrawer Guest User window will eventually open.

7. Map the Login (email): Full Name: Company: and Phone: fields. Then click on Create Guest Users.

8. Note every drawer in this cabinet will now have a Mapped SecureDrawer portal icon.

9. Log into your SecureDrawer account at and see all the new users that were just created.