eFileCabinet complements the Fujitsu imaging process via post-scanning storage, security, automation, and organization of documents. eFileCabinet integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap to help organizations utilize a variety of scanned items, including business cards, blueprints, and normal documents. This integration:

  • Utilizes eFileCabinet’s Zonal OCR add-on to further streamline the post-scanning process by automating document naming, storing, and organization of files and folders within eFileCabinet.
  • Provides post-scanning automation for large numbers of scanned documents, leveraging Fujitsu ScanSnap’s throughput and feeder capacity.
  • eFileCabinet complements Fujitsu ScanSnap’s optical resolution through full-text search and enhanced file retrieval features.
  • eFileCabinet uses recurring, 24-hour data backup, to ensure scanned files are restored and safe in the event of a natural disaster or data loss.
  • SecureDrawer, eFileCabinet’s bank-grade encrypted AES file sharing vault for sensitive files ensures sensitive documents are shared securely in the post-scanning process.
  • eFileCabinet role-based user permissions ensure scanned documents from ScanSnap are only seen by parties allowed to view them.
  • eFileCabinet’s Mac-compatibility and Windows compatibility make its Fujitsu ScanSnap integration accessible to a breadth of users.

Scanning documents is an integral part of your document management strategy. You need a secure, compliant, and simple environment to manage and store all of your documents as they’re scanned into your directory, and this integration brings that process full circle.

If you don’t want to manually enter business card contacts you receive from others into Outlook (believe us, that wouldn’t be fun), the eFileCabinet and Fujitsu ScanSnap integration resolves this issue, permitting you to automatically upload them to your CRM (such as Salesforce).


Tackling TWAIN Support: A Common Misconception

Contrary to commonly held beliefs about scanning, you do not need a TWAIN-supported scanner to successfully go paperless, as there are numerous ways to sidestep a lack of TWAIN support.

However, once upon a time, the TWAIN driver was integral to letting software companies manage TWAIN standard API (application programming interface) to provide easy integration with existing software. And although we still see this today, it’s not nearly as common or necessary as it used to be in facilitating a paperless work environment.

For instance, in the eFileCabinet ScanSnap integration, Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Manager relies on its own ScanSnap interface to replace TWAIN functionality.

Fujistu ScanSnap is tightly integrated with eFileCabinet Document Management Software, allowing thousands of users to utilize their ScanSnap scanners seamlessly within eFileCabinet.

On computers where you have eFileCabinet installed, you’ll now see the eFileCabinet icon on the ScanSnap Quick Menu. Storing files inside of eFileCabinet is as simple as clicking on the eFileCabinet icon when you’re asked where you want your scanned documents to go.

This integration allows for quick and hassle-free use of your ScanSnap scanner with eFileCabinet, storing all of your documents securely and further reducing your need for paper in the office.