Small businesses and other organizations often need to convert the documents stored in their file cabinets and other physical document repositories into an electronic document management system that they can use to better manage their important customer data and other critical information.

The process of scanning documents into a paperless file storage system involves using a business quality scanner, such as the PlusTek PS288 Workgroup Class Scanner (…) to scan folder by folder into a digital storage system.

eFileCabinet document management software (DMS) includes a scanning feature that allows users to conveniently and easily scan their documents into a virtual filing cabinet system that represents what they’re storing physically. The eFileCabinet scanner can be configured to work with various scanner settings (including feeder or flatbed, single-sided or double-sided, document size and orientation, etc.). This helps them create a paperless office, with documents that are much easier to store, search, share, and manage.