We are excited to bring you this great scanner extended warranty for all the scanners you have purchased from eFileCabinet.
Or Call 877-574-5505

Here is how the warranty works:

  • eFileCabinet has contracted with the 4 manufacturers (Fujitsu, PlusTek, Canon, Kodak) to provide extended coverage for any scanner purchased, and on record, from eFileCabinet.
  • Once a warranty has been purchased specific to a scanner model and brand, any difficulties with that product are first addressed through a phone call to a hotline.
  • If the hotline help cannot resolve the problem, a new exchange unit will be shipped out within one day. You will return the malfunctioning unit for free to the warranty center within 5 business days.

Here is how the warranty purchase process works:

  1. You will click on this link—Scanner Warranty—and log in as an eFileCabinet customer using the email that you were contacted with, and your eFileCabinet password. If you do not remember that password or have forgotten it, you can register at this same page using the same email.
  2. Once you log in, you will be shown the model number(s) of your scanner(s). You may then choose a warranty plan that will extend coverage from 1 to 3 years. Each of the plans are unique to the model, brand, and duration of coverage. Just click on the options to the right of each scanner. You may purchase coverage for any number of your scanners.
  3. Proceed through checkout with a normal credit card sequence, and you should save the sale confirmation receipt.
  4. You will receive the warranty information via email from eFileCabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if my scanner is not showing in the warranty purchase page and I know I bought it from eFileCabinet?
    Please call 877-574-5505 or email scanners@efilecabinet.com to have this problem resolved.
  • Can I purchase more than the number of years shown on the drop down option menu?
    No. At this time, our manufacturers have not provided us with more than 3 years (for some models, it may be less) of extended warranty coverage.
  • What if my scanner is already broken and not functioning? Can I still buy extended coverage for the scanner?
    No. This extended warranty is for currently functioning scanners that you are using.
  • Will I be calling eFileCabinet on the hotline number to solve my scanner problems?
    eFileCabinet is not a hardware specialist and will not be taking the calls. The toll-free hotline number will be serviced by a specialized warranty support center.
  • What if my scanner that still works is discontinued? Will this warranty work for me?
    Yes. This extended warranty applies for discontinued scanners. They will be replaced with refurbished models.
  • If I have multiple scanners, do I need to buy warranties for each one I want covered or can I buy one warranty?
    You must buy a warranty for each scanner that you want to have covered. There is no one warranty that covers multiple machines.