Consider, for a moment, the average workday without  Electronic Document Management: The worker comes into the office, greets co-workers, works hard, wins battles, puts out fires, eats lunch, writes reports, etc. At the end of the day, he packs up, hops in his car, and heads home feeling accomplished.

But somewhere in the process, as an average office worker, he kills 0.03% of one tree.

That may seem underwhelming. But wait—it repeats! The next day he comes into the office, greets, works, wins, eats, writes, and returns home—having now killed 0.06% of one tree.

Still underwhelmed? There’s more:

  • By the end of this year, he will have probably killed at least one full tree.
  • That tree probably weighs a majestic 1,500 pounds—the better part of a ton.
  • That means that for every memo he threw away, he threw away twice its weight in tree.
  • Which means that, unless his company switches to Electronic Document Management software, paper products—and the trees they are—will account for 15% of their non-labor expenses every year.

But there’s hope! With EDM software through eFileCabinet, your company can safely and securely cut down on its paper expenses and environmental impact. Not to mention cleaning out those dusty filing cabinets and boosting its efficiency in maintaining, managing, and retrieving paperwork. That sweet feeling of accomplishment can be even bigger at the end of each day.