eFileCabinet, one of the leading Document Management System companies, has added a new product to the lineup. SecureDrawer, our new client portal, is used for sharing files securely with clients and employees.

Security and record keeping is enhanced through these three features:

Audit Trails- This allows an administrative view, allowing management to see all the changes and modifications that have occurred to a document, and who made those changes.

Role Based Securities- Restricts access to a cabinet or document based on need-to-know basis. This helps reduce liability and tighten down privacy.

Document Retention Policies- Document retention allows a file to expire after a certain number of years. This helps reduce liability by automatically purging them once the required number of years for holding them is met.

eFileCabinet online and SecureDrawer, our client portal, are totally integrated, providing security and compliance to SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA standards.

SecureDrawer provides a convenient and accessible portal for sharing confidential files securely while being totally industry compliant.