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The World’s Most Popular CRM Meets
The #1 Document Management Software

Salesforce is a vital tool for managing your relationships with your customers. So why are you constantly leaving Salesforce to search your computer for contracts, emails, and other documents? When you integrate Salesforce with eFileCabinet, you get a seamless interaction between the world’s top CRM, and an award-winning DMS. You’ll never have to leave Salesforce to store or find documents again.

What Makes eFileCabinet Different?

There are a lot of document management systems out there, but none of them integrate as efficiently or as seamlessly with your Salesforce account.

Build Recurring Templates

Build templates in eFileCabinet to automatically sync and structure client information when it is added to Salesforce.

Save Salesforce Storage Space

Because storing documents in eFileCabinet is as easy as dragging and dropping, you don't have to worry about paying for extra storage space in Salesforce.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

eFileCabinet's security and compliance features keep your clients' documents safe both in transit and at rest, so you never have to worry.

Be More. Do More.

Business is all about doing more with the time you have. While Salesforce allows you to quickly monitor client interactions and find client data, eFileCabinet can make you even more efficient. With time-saving features like SecureDrawer and Zonal OCR, you don’t have to waste another minute entering client data, sending contracts by mail, or sorting through physical copies of client contracts.

Easy to Store

Don’t waste time filing paper documents. You can store documents in eFileCabinet with a scanner, smartphone camera, or from a variety of integrated computer programs.

Easy to Search

Finding documents in eFileCabinet is a snap. Just type in what you’re looking for, and the documents will appear for you to edit or share as needed.

Easy to Share

With the easy-to-use SecureDrawer enabled, eFileCabinet gives you a safe and efficient way to share confidential data with coworkers and clients alike.

When coupled with Salesforce, eFileCabinet gives you the power to be more by giving you the tools you need to do more. You’ll be more efficient, more productive, more profitable, and you’ll have more time to dedicate to serving your customers.

Award-Winning Features

eFileCabinet offers simple, easy-to-use features that enable you to quickly and easily store, search, and share your clients documents. Here are just a few of the features that you can get with this exceptional piece of document management software:

3rd Party Integration

eFileCabinet integrates with more than just SalesForce. Easily store documents from any program with seamless integration across Microsoft Office, Simplifile, and others.

Mobile Access

The eFileCabinet Mobile App gives you complete access to your online profile no matter where you are. You can store, search, and share your documents from anywhere.


Powered by RightSignature, eFileCabinet's eSignature
feature allows your clients to sign contracts and documents with just
a click or a touch.

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