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eFileCabinet is currently helping thousands of accounting professionals store, search, and share documents.

This award-winning document management system (DMS) is designed to make your life easier by helping you become more efficient and organized than ever before.

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Features That Make Your Life Easier

You’ve got a lot on your plate; you don’t need to spend your valuable time digging through filing cabinets or searching for paper documents. eFileCabinet is equipped with award-winning features that are designed to save you time and make your life easier.

  • Full-Text OCR: eFileCabinet can apply optical character recognition (OCR) to every file you scan. Then, when you search for a word, you can find any document containing that word.
  • Zonal OCR: In addition to applying OCR to your full documents, you can create templates to train eFileCabinet to recognize forms, pull data from the pages, and file the document appropriately.
  • Audit Log: You’ll never have to wonder who made changes to your documents again. With eFileCabinet’s audit log, you can see every user who accessed the document and the changes they made.

With the time you’ll save using eFileCabinet, you can focus your attention on providing exceptional service for all of your clients. Give us a call to learn more about this software’s remarkable features.

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