Sage 50 is one of the top accounting software choices for small businesses. Published by Sage Group, an enterprise-level software company headquartered in the UK, it is one of the largest resource planning software solutions for small businesses. Over 800,000 small companies use Sage 50 Accounts as their primary accounting software, taking advantage of great features that help save time and enhance flexibility.

This intuitive accounting software allows you to keep track of and manage quotes, invoices, cash flow, orders, vat returns, bank reconciliation, budgets, reports, and HMRC Legislation (UK), all from a platform that is easy to use and that fits the needs of modern small businesses.


What Can You do with Sage 50?

Sage 50 accounting software comes in 3 varieties: Pro, Premium, and Quantum.
Customers and sales

  • Create customer records
  • Prepare sales invoices
  • Track payments and create receipts
  • Choose a price list
  • Create sales quotes and orders
  • Charge for services using employee Time Slips (Premium and Quantum only)


Vendors and purchases

  • Create vendor records
  • Print checks
  • Create purchase quotes and orders
  • Record and track purchase invoices
  • Simplify reordering items from vendors (Quantum only)
  • Government / Accounting
  • Track GST/HST and PST/QST


File GST/HST Online

  • Keep accurate records with the full-time audit trail
  • Store multiple years of financial history
  • Process payroll remittances
  • Reconcile bank statements to accounting data
  • Use departmental accounting (Premium and Quantum only)
  • Use First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory costing method (Premium and Quantum only)
  • Expand the range and length of account numbers (Premium and Quantum only)
  • Create payroll expense groups (Premium and Quantum only)
  • Manage employees and payroll
  • Prepare payroll checks with automatic tax calculations

Process checks as a batch
Prepare ROE slips for print or online filing
Prepare T4/RL-1 slips for print or online filing
*All employee and payroll features are available in all 3 versions, but included only in the Quantum version.

Inventory and services

  • Inventory and services management are available only in Premium and Quantum Versions
  • Manage inventory
  • Create finished goods from Bill of Materials
  • Generate packing slips
  • Manage inventory in multiple locations
  • Track items by serial number (Quantum only)


Projects / Jobsites

  • Track and report on projects
  • Budget projects by fiscal year
  • Create detailed project budget
  • Assign projects to orders and invoices
  • Track salaried employee and contractor hours (Quantum only)


Benefits of Sage 50

Easy to Use
Sage 50 allows you to back up data saved on your computer to the Cloud, called Sage Drive. This Cloud-based backup offers greater accessibility, flexibility, and security. You can work at the office, from home, or while traveling. Thanks to Sage Drive, all your information is accessible from anywhere. Sage 50 software allows you to work in real time with your accountant and colleagues from across the office or across the world.

  • Connected Accountants—Seamlessly work with your accountant in real-time—comes as standard part of Sage Drive.
  • Connected Users—Connect multiple Sage Drive users to your Sage 50 Accounts data. One user is included as part of Sage Drive with the option to add up to 240 additional users.
  • Sage 50 Accounts Tracker—View key business information on the move from your smartphone—comes as standard part of Sage Drive.
  • Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales—Process sales on the move from your tablet—now available on Sage Drive.


Sage 50 Accounts Business Apps

  • Sage 50 Accounts Tracker—Sage 50 accounts tracker allows you to view key business information anywhere from your smartphone. Especially designed for people who need business insight on the move. Optimized data for your mobile device, contacts and directions on demand, clear cash flow summary, and insights into understanding your profits.
  • Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Sales—Process sales on the move from your tablet. This helps make better customer relationships and faster sales on the move, with products and prices at your fingertips. Receive quick quotes, orders, and invoices, complete sales order management, and access all-in-one contacts.

Through both these apps, you can access data without an internet connection; data will be refreshed once a connection is restored.

  • Support Options—Priority phone support, web chat support, and email support.


Sage 50 and eFileCabinet

Sage 50 accounting software is making it easier than ever for small businesses to manage the financial aspects of their businesses. Storing, accessing, and sharing these financial records is equally easy and simple with eFileCabinet. Sage and eFileCabinet have partnered, forming a relationship which will enable users of Sage Impact Cloud-based platform to sign up for and use the eFileCabinet Cloud document management solution from within the Sage Impact dashboard. eFileCabinet provides Sage users with simple-to-use and focused document management solutions, making it easy for them to manage the financial records generated with their accounting software. With eFileCabinet you can manage all your documents easily, in their native format, from the office or on the go. Fill out the form on this page to see how eFileCabinet and Sage50 can work together.