We like it when things are condensed and simplified, including our software. All-in-one solutions are becoming more prominent because we’re able to accomplish more from a single interface. There are few things as complicated for HR than employee records and documents. Organizing them to make your records accessible, but also compliant can be tough. Spreading records across different filing cabinets, with multiple files for individual employees can get confusing and lead to complicating filing systems.
Thankfully, document management software can transform your archives into a single, all-in-one location where any record you want is just a few keystrokes away. Filing with Rubex by eFileCabinet means never losing an important document ever again. It’s a secure solution that doesn’t compromise on convenience and accessibility.


We know going digging through multiple filing cabinets until you find the right employee record is a pain. It can break the flow of a meeting if you need to pause and go looking for a file, and if the record happens to be misfiled it could mean hours of browsing through every folder until it’s found.

Increasing accessibility to records is one of the goals of document management, and it does it through intelligent organization and sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) technology. The first step is obviously to digitize employee records to make it a simple matter of searching for documents on the computer, but Rubex takes it a step further to make records even faster to find.

Turning your entire archive of records into electronic files is a simple matter thanks to Zonal OCR, which is able to utilize templates of standard forms and record the text printed on physical records you scan in. All the important information is recorded as profile data, making it easier for the system to categorize and file your records according to the way you want it to. Automated routing allows the system to immediately file the right records into the correct employee folder. This method avoids human error by putting files right where they should be, but it gets even better.

While files are correctly categorized and placed in the correct folders for easy browsing, you can instantly pull up the exact record you’re looking for with just a few search terms. Normal file explorer interfaces can only search for the file name and a few other factors, whereas Rubex is able to conduct full-text searches with OCR. You can search for documents using any text within the document. If you’re looking for a form, like a payroll slip for a specific employee, all you need to do is type the name and any other identifying information like the name of the form.

Your company documents are made even more accessible thanks to the cloud, which allows you to access your records from any device, anywhere. The eFileCabinet mobile app allows you to pull up documents and even upload records using your phone’s camera.


Despite having plenty of convenience and accessibility baked into the platform, security is still the priority. In accordance with many compliance standards, group-based permissions are used to keep most documents private and only accessible to the users you as an admin authorize. Private health records or background checks can be sectioned off from the rest of an employees information and won’t even be visible to unauthorized users in the system.

Externally, you can secure your system with several optional features such as two-factor authentication that requires the use of a mobile authenticator application. You can set password complexity standards to ensure your users create strong passwords with a set amount of special characters.

While mobile accessibility is convenient, if you prefer to keep your records in-house and out of reach beyond your office walls, you can require users to only log into the system with a specific IP address. In other words, no one will be able to access the system unless they are connected to your office’s network.

Rubex makes it possible to have the best of both worlds – a central location for your documents with convenient access plus bank-level security features to keep your employees’ info private and your office compliant. To see Rubex in action, fill out the form below to view a free demo.

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