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Here you’ll find resources for training and additional learning so that Rubex can help you re-imagine how you work and thrive.

On-Demand Webinars and Trainings

How to Teach Rubex: New User Training for Your New Employees

Rubex is built to be intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to master. Get your newer employees off to the right foot with document management so they’ll be able to get onboarded and trained fast and efficiently.

Three Tools You Didn’t Know You Could Use in Rubex

Your account has access to tons of Rubex features, are you using them all? In this training webinar, we’ll demonstrate three tools you have in Rubex that you might not be using!

Hot Tips for Using Rubex Search Features & Tools

Did you know Rubex has MANY different tools to make searching easier? In this training webinar, we’ll give you a bunch of tips on how to use Rubex search features to search texts, find missing documents, and more!

Easy Tips to Use eSignature in Rubex

Do you ever request signatures using Rubex, or want to learn how? In this training, we’ll take a provide several quick tips for using eSignature. Our incredible customer success team will show you the best practices for this incredible tool.

Best Practices for Sharing and Requesting Documents

Do you ever request or share documents using Rubex, or want to learn how? In this training, we’ll take a deep dive into best practices and helpful tips for sharing and requesting documents. Our incredible customer success team will guide you through ways better utilize these tools for your business in a way that is both compliant and efficient!

Deep Dive into Rubex Uploading Tools

Do you know all of the different ways you can upload your documents and files into Rubex? In this on-demand training session, we’ll take a deep dive into all of your options and uploading tools in Rubex, and learn how to better utilize these tools you have access to for your business!

Tips to Make Automation and Compliance Easy with Rubex

Do you ever find security and compliance confusing or a little intimidating? Let us show you some easy automation and compliance tips to improve the security of your business. Our incredible customer success team will lead you through technical training on helpful security, compliance, and automation tools in Rubex.

How To Create and Use Forms Easily in Rubex

Did you know you have access to create forms for your business in Rubex? Watch this training webinar to go over everything you need to know about creating and using Forms in Rubex for your business.

Back to Basics: Getting Started with Rubex

Are you a new Rubex user or do you have someone new on your team that wants to start learning Rubex? Join our customer success team to go over everything you need to know to get started in Rubex.

Basics of Zonal OCR: How to Automate Your Filing

Did you know your files can literally file themselves? Our incredible customer success team will show you how to automate your filing in this technical training.

Vaccine Records, New Employees, and Handbooks, Oh My! Best Ways to Collect Employee Docs

Join our Customer Success team for a Rubex training session to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for collecting important documents from employees, such as new hire paperwork, vaccine records, and updated employee handbooks.

Getting Started with Workflow in Rubex

Join our Customer Success team for a Rubex training session to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for setting up basic automation with Workflows in Rubex. This training is for everyone interested in learning about and getting started with Workflow.

Hot Tips for Using Rubex for Your Accounting Team’s Busy Season

Join our Customer Success team for a Rubex training session to learn tips, tricks, and best practices to support your accounting teams and departments for the upcoming 2022 busy season, including best ways to collect and store data, helpful template structures, using electronic signing, ways to share tax documents, and more.

Level Up Your Document Security: Quick Tips & Tricks

Are your documents REALLY as secure as they should be? Join our Customer Success team to learn tips and best practices for using Rubex to keep your account even more secure with Governance, File Management, Admin Controls, and Security Policy.

Templates that Just Make Sense for Every Business

Join our Customer Success team for a Rubex training session to learn tips, tricks, and best practices using Rubex templates to support any department in every business.

Using Rubex to Support Your Client-Based Business

In this Rubex training session, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and best practices to support your client-based business, including client-based folder structures and templates, sharing options, and document requests.

Templates, Structures, and Common Processes in Rubex for Your HR Department

In this training, we’ll discuss some of the best practices for using Rubex to support your HR department and team.

Rubex 101: The Ultimate Business Solution

In this webinar, you’ll be able to dive into Rubex to see real users’ favorite features and go through some of the most popular use cases. Experience Rubex for yourself to see how easy it can be to boost your department’s productivity and focus on what matters most, reaching your goals and making an impact at your organization.

3 Finance Tech Trends to Drive Team Efficiency

In a post-pandemic landscape, digital technology has become key to help finance teams become more efficient and more powerful in influencing financial growth and stability.

This webinar reveals how finance teams and leaders can utilize workflow automation technology to drive efficiency; harness process auditing to fuel maximum performance and identify inefficiencies that are stunting productivity and financial growth.

Manage Legal Contracts with Ease

Since contracts are one of the most important documents in legal departments, you should have a smart and efficient way of routing them to the correct associates.

Even if you’re only making minor changes, there is always an approval process. Can you do it in seconds? If your answer is no, it’s time to revisit and revamp your current contract lifecycle.

Watch this webinar to see how easy it is to upgrade your contract management processes.

Turn Your HR Team into a Growth Engine

As we enter a post COVID world, HR teams have never been more critical. HR teams who can prioritize the right activities will be able to help their businesses capture a greater share of the once-in-a-generation business growth potential, this year and next.

If you lead an HR function, join us for this important webinar where we’ll share five post-COVID realities for HR teams, and five strategies to flip these realities into growth opportunities for your businesses.

Automate Your Business. No Coding Needed.

No coding experience? No problem. Let us introduce you to one of the most intuitive workflow engines available. Learn how to automate your business’s document processes in our webinar.

5 Ways Automation Elevates Your Accounting Department

With Rubex, you can design accounting workflows that are as simple or complex as your department requires. You can also establish multiple workflows, making it easy to map out automated file routing for the different types of documents you produce or receive on a regular basis.

Law and Document Order

The average file cabinet in a legal office contains over 10,000 documents, each one important and highly confidential. Most law firms and legal departments suffer from data overload. Rubex by eFileCabinet is the legal document management solution.

What’s New with eFileCabinet 2021

Join us for a first look at these enhanced features. These include:

  • Turning your PDFs into dynamic, fillable forms
  • A new reporting tool that turns your documents into valuable, business insights
  • The upcoming on-premise version of Rubex for eFileCabinet Desktop users

5 New Features You’ll Want to Start Using Now

eFileCabinet CEO, Jesse Wood, presents five brand new dream features, including:

  • Dual Screen Preview
  • Missing Item Search
  • Access Links
  • Instant Sign-In
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication and One-Time Passcode options for eSignature

Technology Is Changing. Has Your Clients’ Experience Changed For The Better?

Jim Harvey walks us through technological advances that can improve our clients’ experience (and our own).

Never Lose a Document Again

Are you watching your productivity plummet as you search for that pesky missing file? Solve your problems by implementing a Document Management System with a top-notch search feature. Watch to find out how you can do just that!

How to Transform Your Business with eSignature

In this webinar, eFileCabinet CEO Jesse Wood explains how to can get the most secure and compliant electronic signature available:

  • How Rubex makes collecting signatures easier than ever
  • How eSignature is more compliant than major electronic signature services
  • Rubex’s all-in-one suite of must-have features for businesses

4 Ways To Dominate This Tax Season

Learn how to use Rubex by eFileCabinet, the leader in advanced document management software, to have a great start to your tax season.

You Survived 2020, it’s Time to Thrive in 2021—5 Game-Changing Features for Every HR Department

What a year 2020 has been. We’ve had our share of challenges and we imagine that you have too. As an HR professional, you’ve probably faced new difficulties that you’ve never seen before. But you made it to the end!

In 2021, you’ll still have problems, but we’ll help you straighten them out before they become anything serious. Find out how in this webinar.

Test Drive the Next Generation of Document Management Systems

Join us for our end-of-year webinar to see a breakdown of the several new features brought to Rubex over the past year, and you’ll be able to access one of these new features for 30 days.

Introducing Forms: 3 All-New Ways to Level Up Your Workplace

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to help your workplace reach its full potential by using the right tools.

Our document management experts will show you how form fill will level up your workplace.

Ditch the Pen and Paper; Discover All-New eSignature

Does your digital signature application include two-factor authentication? Auto-generated audit log? Signer verification? Rubex by eFileCabinet is a document management software that includes a built-in eSignature platform that has all of these features and more. Join us for our free webinar to see it action!


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