Organization of paperwork is essential for running a well maintained and efficient office environment. Manually filing and retrieving paperwork can be a tedious task, but it has to get done for efficient workflow and compliance. Intelligent organization tools, like the ones provided by Rubex, can streamline your paperwork processes, allowing you to file faster and instantly find the files you’re looking for. This is what makes document management much more than file storage. The time, money, and storage space saved with document management can lead to more growth than you ever thought possible.

Jennifer Frankito is the Director of Corporate Operations for Team Select Home Care. They provide home care and skilled nursing for geriatric and long-term pediatric patients. They service over 2,000 patients at any given time across seven states. Jennifer oversees all human resource departments across the company, which entails maintaining the database of personnel records for hundreds of employees. 

The Compliance Challenge

“We literally went with just paper.” Prior to 2015, the company had about 600 employees and maintained all their records with physical paper and filing cabinets. Handling employee records, especially long-term ones, can be challenging and time-consuming. Records for employees that eventually leave also need to be kept in order to stay compliant.

For a healthcare company, keeping records organized and accessible is key to remaining compliant. Certifications for caregivers need to be constantly updated and easily accessible to show they are providing quality care. It was a time-consuming task for Team Select Home Care.

The Solution

In 2015, Jennifer decided it was time to overhaul how the company handled its personnel paperwork. After researching on the internet, she found eFileCabinet and did a deep dive into what it could potentially do for them.

“It made sense to me. It checked off all the boxes. I love the ease of uploading data. It’s really dummy-proof.”

Implementation went smoothly for Jennifer and her team. The project of going paperless was her main initiative at the time and she was able to easily push it through, starting with the conversion of their 600 employee paper records into digital documents. Their document types were varied, but the system was able to handle them all.

The Results

Since implementation, Team Select Home Care has seen massive growth, going from 600 employees to 2,700 across the company and multiple new branches, serving new patients in different areas. She’s confident eFileCabinet contributed to that growth.

“I can’t even imagine our company being this size and still using paper. It just wouldn’t be possible. eFileCabinet is definitely a platform that can scale with us. As about a $21 million company, I’m confident eFileCabinet could carry us to a billion-dollar company, without a doubt.”

eFileCabinet has saved Jennifer’s office plenty of money in space and in labor hours. 

One office would have as many as three filing cabinets, which they’ve all been able to get rid of. “The time and money saved are tremendous,” she said. No more printing, scanning, or filing cabinets. It’s all digital save for a few pieces of paper once in a while.

“From an efficiency standpoint, I would probably have to have four extra employees in my office. We’ve easily saved $150,000 a year from that alone.”

Jennifer says she’s seen an improvement in company culture now that a lot of the tediousness of HR work has been streamlined and she’s able to ensure that her employees are fulfilled, so their patients can be satisfied with their service. 

“I look at my employees as my internal customers. With eFileCabinet, we’re able to be more compliant and be more proactive with personnel records.”

Quick access to make sure CPR cards, nursing certifications, etc. are up-to-date lets her be confident that they’re providing their patients with the best possible care. 

Team Select Home Care has been awarded several “Best Places To Work” awards from multiple publications, according to their website.

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