It’s tough to find the right tech solution for a specific problem you’re trying to solve. Plenty of tech platforms claim to do it all, until you come to discover it can’t help you with your specific needs. When it comes to document-driven tasks, Rubex is capable of so many innovative and surprising use-cases. 

This is thanks to the platform’s customizability, as well as the eFileCabinet team’s eagerness to fine tune Rubex to the customer’s liking. This was the case for the City of Vallejo, California. 

Vallejo implemented Rubex in a way to not just benefit employees, but also the city’s residents who come looking for public documents. The city sought a solution to help organize public documents such as meeting agendas and minutes, city ordinances, and resolutions. They also wanted these documents accessible to the public in a convenient manner directly from their website.

An easy way to accomplish this is to use a tool they’ve already been using, with a new spin. 

Rubex allows for unlimited guest users, allowing customers to give limited access to the Rubex interface to more people so they can view and download files. It’s a secure, controlled portal that only gives access to the documents designated as public. eFileCabinet worked with Vallejo to ensure the system they were getting was what they envisioned.

The system was designed to be straightforward for anyone to use. Now citizens looking for important public documents about their city can easily access them without needing to directly request them from the city, freeing up staff for the tasks that require more of their attention. The system is easy to use and is accompanied with clear instructions on how anyone can use it. eFileCabinet Support can train city staff on how to train others.

Rubex is Perfect For Government & Public Work

Government entities and public institutions generate a massive amount of records. Some are protected, but most of them can be classified as public. Plus, many record types have unlimited retention requirements, obligating organizations to store and make them accessible for an indefinite amount of time. It’s  common for cities and certain institutions to have records dating back decades. 

As the files grow and more documents are coming into storage, you may feel like it’s best to dissect and insulate sections of the system as much as you can for the sake of not getting lost in the system. However, this can in fact make the system more complex and much more time consuming to locate things.

This is where full-text OCR searching makes things significantly less complicated. This feature allows you to search for documents using any text contained within the document, even if that document is an image file like a PDF. Most systems with search functions only allow you to search for file names or a handful of other identifiers, and these search programs will either get you no results, or too many results. 

Full-text search can be even more refined by using it to search in containers to further narrow your results. Rubex by eFileCabinet was created with the goal of never losing a file ever again, no matter how large and complex a filing system gets.

For more information about Rubex and how it can prepare you for growth, schedule a personalized discovery call.