Salesforce, the world’s most popular customer relationship management (CRM) system, is a vital component to a variety of industries’ tech stack. Just as important to these industries is a comprehensive document management system (DMS), such as Rubex by eFileCabinet. 

For most users, Salesforce is their primary interface to accessing a vast database of their customer-base and other pertinent information about their business. When leveraged with the power of document management, this data can become better secured for long-term storage and compliance. It will also make business documents created with Salesforce more accessible. 

Rubex has a powerful and unique integration with Salesforce, allowing the two to sync document folders. You’ll be able to see your Rubex folder structures within Salesforce and vice-versa. All of your contacts within Salesforce can have their own drawer in Rubex. Uploads and changes to existing documents will occur within both Rubex and Salesforce simultaneously.

This can bring a whole new layer of functionality to your Salesforce account. While you can create and manage documents within Salesforce, they are managed with Rubex, allowing you to apply full DMS functionality to your Salesforce documents.

While Salesforce is the leading CRM for sales, marketing, e-commerce, and analytics, it doesn’t have all the capabilities of a document management system. By using Rubex and Salesforce together, your tech capabilities can be limitless.

Searching for Documents

Salesforce has a comprehensive search function, but lacks a full-text or meta-data based search for specific documents. If you’re doing a deep-dive into your documents and need a more powerful search function, eFileCabinet has an advanced search engine to help you locate the most obscure documents.

Manage Retention

Salesforce lacks the ability to track and automate retention, so it presents possible regulatory risk if you are storing sensitive documents within Salesforce. Rubex does have a built-in automatic retention feature that allows you to customize your retention according to document type. It will manage your retention actions and timelines and notify you when an item is ready to be purged. You can also set it to purge automatically.

Protect From Tampering & Deletion

Another important compliance feature that’s essential for meeting regulatory standards is the ability to lock down specific documents to protect them from being deleted or edited. Rubex is able to apply these types of protections to documents and folders, essentially locking them into a ‘write once, read many’ format. Furthermore, an audit log keeps a comprehensive record of all activities that take place on the system, allowing you to prove that a record hasn’t been tampered with after locking it.

Leverage Automation Tools

While Salesforce features automated workflow tools related to its main functions, it can’t automate documentation processes like Rubex can. Once a document is created and reaches the Rubex environment, workflow rules can automate where it’s routed and what security policies are applied to it.

Rubex by eFileCabinet makes for a perfect companion to Salesforce, giving you a comprehensive sales and marketing environment that ties into your other business functions. You can desilo your data created by Salesforce, making it available to more users who don’t have access to or need access to the platform. You can also leverage eFileCabinet’s vast cloud storage capabilities to bolster the amount of data you can store on Salesforce.

To learn how you can create the perfect integration between Rubex and Salesforce, contact your account manager or visit our support site for more information.