Report a Security Vulnerability to eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is committed to creating a safe, digital environment for our customers and upholding our promise to protect their vital data, so that they can focus on the work that matters. We do this with the best technology, best practices, but also thanks to the input of community members and cybersecurity experts.


How to Report
a Security Issue

If you believe you’ve discovered a security vulnerability within our products or services, you can report this to us at:

Please include:

  • A description of the vulnerability.
  • The product the vulnerability is found in. 
  • The steps it takes to reproduce this issue. 

We may contact you if we need further information.


This is not encouragement or permission to perform illegal and harmful activities.


  • Hack, penetrate, or otherwise attempt to gain unauthorized access to eFileCabinet or third-party applications, systems, or data.
  • Download, copy, disclose, corrupt or prevent access or use any proprietary or confidential eFileCabinet or third-party data, including customer data.
  • Adversely impact the operation of eFileCabinet or third-party applications or systems.

We appreciate your help in protecting eFileCabinet customers and their data.