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eFileCabinet Document Management Software

Document management software can help religious organizations and non profits with a lot of paperwork securely eliminate the hassles that paper causes. Between trying to file tax forms, making sure your group gets the exemptions it deserves, and keeping membership information straight, the paperwork can be overwhelming. The difficulty of finding the funding necessary to achieve a non profit’s cause, when coupled with sparse marketing dollars and few staff members, can make revenue a difficult and time-consuming process. This is why non profits, perhaps more so than any other type of business in the global economy, must find unique ways to streamline their processes and reduce operating expenses.

Churches in America and other non profits are subject to a very special set of tax laws and allowances, meaning that you have to wade through a veritable mountain of paperwork in order to make sure your organization is handling its money according to all laws and regulations. You’ve probably thought more than once, “Isn’t there an easier solution for managing all these documents?” The good news is that there is a better way to manage these documents, and that way is document management software. eFileCabinet’s DMS is currently ranked #1 on Crowd

eFileCabinet document management software is the SOLUTION!   We’ll help you save time and money so you can spend your valuable resources more effectively.

I would like to let you know that eFileCabinet has made my work a lot easier! I enjoy the easiness of it, and the professional, organized way it looks.

I am pretty new to the business of accounting and tax preparation; coming from 30 years of banking, I was very adamant about noting everything and being organized. When I first came on board we were using Drake. Because it’s hard to make a change, Drake just wasn’t what this company needed.

Purchasing eFileCabinet has made life for me and the rest of our small group easier. We needed to be able to use a true document system with the ability to take notes and one place to store all paperwork. This has saved us time, money, and SPACE! We have eliminated a 5-drawer and 4-drawer legal-size cabinets, freed up space, and are down to one drawer for (what I call) vault documents.

We are saving approximately $7,440.00 per year and have freed up approximately 24 feet of space. eFileCabinet has made my life easier and that makes me happy!

Penny Nevarez

eFileCabinet Helps Religious Organizations Manage:

  • Church Membership Information

  • Certificates of Birth

  • Christenings

  • Baptisms/Confirmations

  • Marriages

  • Funerals

  • Parish Registers

  • Sermons/Topical Outlines

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Business Transactions

  • Financial Records — Donations, Expenditures, Tithing

  • Fund-Raising Campaigns

  • Committee Meetings

  • Newsletters

  • Service Notes

  • Staff Documents

  • Other Church and Religious Documents

Church Marriage Certificate Document Management Software

As you minister to hundreds and perhaps even thousands of members, you require operational excellence and efficiency to grow and raise awareness of your message. And, when it comes to building the public’s trust to secure the funding your non profit needs, they want to invest in an organization that securely handles its information and runs its operations smoothly. Most organizations achieve this excellence with volunteer help from their members, but paperwork can sometimes take a backseat to other organizational needs. Not to mention that as your organization grows, your paperwork will grow as well. Do you have enough room to house all the filing cabinets with sensitive documents stored in them? How would your non profit secure future funding in the event of a data breach compromising sensitive customer information? Would such an event not raise questions from potential fund providers about whether you could handle their donations securely? Document management software would prevent those questions, and eFileCabinet’s is the most popular DMS on Capterra for good reason.

Don’t let the paperwork pile up — file things electronically and save time, space, and money!

Having a document management system is a great way to keep personnel files, payroll data, OSHA 300, I-9’s and anything else you can possibility think of to scan. It is so nice to have a personnel file at your fingertips at your desk. It is easy to email information to managers or legal inquiries. We don’t have to have multiple file cabinets to store files. We save money by not having to purchase more cabinets and having a place to put the cabinets. There are fewer misfiled documents. Multiple people can look at the same file if necessary. There is not a year-end purge to store terminated employee files away in some warehouse. Files are secured.

Sherry Lightfield, Gulfeagle Supply
Store Church Records Using Document Management Records

But eFileCabinet isn’t just a typical document management software. It’s the top-rated mobile document management software on Business News Daily.

There’s never been a better time to use the most secure, robust, and user-friendly Document Management System on the market. Whether you prefer an on-premise or in-the-Cloud solution, eFileCabinet 2016 will help make your organization become more efficient! We’ve helped hundreds of religious organizations improve their productivity, reduce clutter and better preserve their resources.

Don’t put your members at risk, or spend your valuable time wading through paperwork—make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available.

Would you like help setting up your church or religious organization  with document management software? Call eFileCabinet at 801-374-5505, chat with us on this page, or fill out the contact form to have one of our experts get in touch to help you.

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