Does your organization already have document management software (DMS) in place? What about content management software (CMS)? If not, it might be time to consider putting one in place. Offering increased efficiency, security, and adaptability, digital management systems can be a wise investment.

However, unless your organization already has one of these systems in place, you may not be familiar with the purpose or benefits they can offer. Serving different purposes but offering lucrative advantages, CMS and DMS are important tools to have on hand in today’s world of work.

Find out what you can expect from these electronic solutions and if they are right for your organization.


Why Would Someone Need CMS?

Sure, a CMS sounds important on paper, but how does it apply to your organization’s operations and what is it capable of? While you’ll find that capabilities can vary slightly by each system, in general, content management systems are web-based applications that are designed to make the editing, management, and updating of websites simple—even for non-technical users.

So, who needs CMS? Essentially anyone with a website or multiple websites is in need of a content management system. In fact, you may even rely on one currently if you already have a website. Unless you are an experienced web designer, the chances are high that you’ve at least come across one of these systems before.


Content Management Systems You May Be Familiar With

While this list by no means includes every single CMS available, it does include some of the most common systems:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla!
  • ModX
  • Drupal
  • Concrete5
  • Umbraco
  • TinyCMS
  • Refinery CMS


How Refinery CMS Fits Into the Equation

Boasting its own fan base and following, Refinery CMS software is one of the most popular applications, falling closely behind WordPress. What is Refinery CMS?

Refinery CMS is an open-source content management system. Meaning, it is highly accessible and updated regularly, making it simple for designers and developers to make changes as necessary. Refinery CMS is based on the Ruby Rails Framework, giving users full control over design, navigation, and much more. Praised by developers as some of the best CMS around, the Refinery CMS open-source content management system certainly has its advantages.


How Refinery CMS Stacks Up to the Competition

While Refinery CMS has noteworthy attributes, it is not the only content management system. Though it boasts a solid user base, WordPress still comes out on top in total users. Why?

WordPress offers an incredibly simple interface, which can be seen as a huge upside for some users. It also offers easy content management with a highly intuitive approach, making it a first choice for many. However, that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily superior to Refinery CMS.

Using Refinery CMS vs. WordPress is really just a difference in capabilities and preferences. Both systems provide open-source content management and both are capable of managing your content. What system you ultimately select should be based on your personal preferences and needs.

What’s the bottom line of this Refinery CMS review? If you plan on doing any custom developing and have a plethora of content to manage, you’re better off to go with Refinery CMS.


Other Management Systems to Be Aware Of

CMS, while useful, still only provides one type of digital management. Your website may be in great shape, but what about your documentation needs? You know, all those files that your organization constantly has on hand. With Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoints, and more, the chances are high that your organization has a vast amount of information. However, not only do you possess a lot of information on hand, you possess a great deal of digital information.

Managing these digital documents effectively? Well, let’s just say no one would say it would be easy—that is, unless you have a document management system in place already. DMS makes managing specific file types a cakewalk. Rather than having to worry about user access control along with secure storage controls, having the right DMS can reduce this unnecessary concern.

In fact, with eFileCabinet’s world-renowned DMS, you can seamlessly manage all of your organization’s information with ease. There’s no need to fret over security or ease of access; eFileCabinet will make sure that only the right users have control. With the ability to be accessed from any secure location, our document management software can help your organization experience superior efficiency and enhanced productivity. Eliminating the need for redundant overhead, our system will streamline your organization’s operations. Whether your organization is an accounting firm dealing with complex tax-related paperwork or a medical complex dealing with HIPAA compliance, eFileCabinet can provide your organization with the digital solutions it needs.

Want to learn more about our system and how it can work for your organization? If so, be sure to fill out this form and we’ll send you our 15-minute demo.