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Real Estate Industry

Real estate document management software helps agents make a greater living. You get to meet a lot of people, help them find their “dream home,” and, with real estate document management software, you don’t need to be tied to a desk in an office to do so.

But with selling real estate comes a large amount of paperwork. You’ve probably got mountains of files holding all the necessary documents to conduct real estate business. Staying organized, finding documents on time, and making sure you have all the right papers with you when showing a house can be a complicated task. You’ve probably wondered whether there was an easier way to manage all of your files and documents, right?

Rubex by eFileCabinet Solves Real Estate Office Problems

Slow document turnaround
Misplaced invoices
Lost real estate leases
Disorganized mortgage notes
Manually filling out financial agreements
Unsecure property titles sharing

Cabinets crammed with retainer agreements

Most organizations store content and data in one or any combination of the following three formats: digital, electronic, and email. Dispersing information in these three formats alone subject organizations to an array of storage, creation, and retrieval inconsistencies. Rubex by eFileCabinet real estate document management software precludes these inconsistencies as the software and strategy to place information in all three formats into one central repository. It really makes real estate document management easy.

eFileCabinet is the leading real estate document management software on the market. With eFileCabinet’s proprietary document management software, you can easily manage, store, access, and edit documents in moments. You don’t have to dig through filing cabinets at the office or wonder if you have the right forms in your car as you’re driving to show a house or piece of land. Instead, by using Rubex, eFileCabinet’s cloud solution, you can access your documents anywhere, including from your mobile device, freeing you from the worry of misplacing documents.

Without partaking in the opportunities document management software presents for those in the real estate industry, unstructured content will continue to cast a shadow on much and shed light on little, because information does not impart limitless explanatory power—knowledge does—and real estate document management software stands to provide its users with the means to harvest knowledge for their organizations.

The days of fumbling around for your files are over. eFileCabinet real estate document management software will speed up your processes, save you time, and is incredibly affordable. Implementing Rubex by eFileCabinet’s real estate document management software is easy and takes minutes. You’ll be saving time and money in no time!

In document management software implementation and use, we create a much-needed paradigm shift in information management within the real estate industry—one in which organizations no longer emphasize the amassing of large volumes of information, but rather the extracting and leveraging of insight from this information.

We chose eFileCabinet as we were looking to reduce the amount of our file storage. The benefits of Rubex include: 1) reduction of storage, 2) MUCH easier to find needed information, 3) MUCH better organization of records. We save money on paper, boxes, and no longer have rented storage. Customers are VERY happy that we can mail encrypted documents at a moment’s notice. I’m sure that each of us in our office saves at least one hour per week and more than that during our busy season.

Real Estate Document Management Software:
Above Consumer-Grade Tech

And document management software is much different than a consumer-grade technology, as it differs drastically in scope, purpose, and function. However, at eFileCabinet, we believe that administrators and employees within organizations can expect and deserve the same degree of usability in solutions that they have come to know in simpler, consumer-grade products—hence our offering our real estate document management software on a subscription model basis–enabling users to renew their subscriptions based on experience rather than buying the software on hope.

Don’t put it off any longer — you won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless with real estate document management software!

One of my partners was at a conference where eFileCabinet had a display. He came home and suggested we give it a try and we have been extremely pleased. Every time we need any help, I have always been happy with your customer service and technical support. Since we are a small firm (3 CPAs and 4 staff), I am the person that keeps all the computers and scanners up and running. I am totally sure this has saved us money as we no longer use copier toner and paper to copy the documents that we scan.

Anneta Chapman

Virden, Chapman & Virden

Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals Prefer eFileCabinet

Paperless is Easy with Zonal OCR

Want a file clerk you can subtract from the payroll?
Want to stop manually typing information into specific fields?
Want an efficient and simple way to go paperless?

Then Zonal OCR is for you.

Secure File-Sharing

Our web portal, Rubex, is a highly-encrypted alternative to breach-susceptible email. Its bank-grade, 256-bit AES and SSL information security lets you share large real-estate-related file sets without having to remove the information from the portal—drastically reducing the possibility that sensitive data is compromised.

As a point of contact for those you work with, Rubex also offers opportunity for custom branding, letting you tailor this file sharing feature to your brand’s colors while simultaneously leveraging a custom URL to drive more traffic (and brand recognition) to your website—letting you rank higher in the search engines, become more visible, and demonstrate your credibility and management skills to your clients.

Mobile Apps: Your Office in Your Pocket

If you’re like most property managers, managing real estate or property is not your sole source of income. This means you need a way to be efficient, effective, and precise if you’re to maintain a life outside your office(s). eFileCabinet provides you with the freedom, convenience, peace of mind, security, and efficiency necessary to achieve this goal.

Traditionally, property management filing systems have been intensely paper-driven, requiring large amounts of storage space, but document management software changes that.

In addition to handling unexpected maintenance requests, property damage, tenant files, resident complaints, and payment problems, property managers must handle bookkeeping efforts for their organizations — requiring that property managers, at least to a certain extent, play the role of an accountant from time to time.

Without having the proper document management software, costly year end reconciliation charges from your accountant can be incurred, and those are always a hassle. However, document management software prevents this from happening, and simplifies all the steps in between as well, too.

Managers now require instant availability and access to information, a safe house for documents, up-to-date regulatory compliance, maximum efficiency, a means to save money, and more space.

eFileCabinet is the trusted property management filing system for thousands of property management organizations nationwide, offering both on-premise(s) and cloud-based DMS–the latter of these two providing mobile phone access.

The mobile app is great! Now we can access everything from one central area. It saves us at least 3-6 hours a week from going to get files out of filing cabinets.
Brad Bosh

Agent, Farm Bureau Financial Services

Ready to Take the Next Step?

This industry journey only scratches the surface of what Rubex by eFileCabinet can do. Document management software can do incredible things for your business, not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Features like secure file-sharing, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centerpiece for any business of any size, in any industry.

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