The intense crashing and booming sounds echoing through the Salt Palace Convention Center were probably the last noises you’d expect to hear at a conference for accountants. But from June 16 -18 at the Scaling New Heights 2019 conference, the sounds of a wooden baseball bat against metal, glass, and plastic could be heard throughout the day coming from the Rage Cage. The event was a success, with 145 conference attendees and vendors taking their turn in the box when their curiosity got the better of them.

The event was a joint effort between eFileCabinet’s team and American Fork-based Phat Axe, which runs an axe throwing range, but also runs a “Smash Room” similar to the Rage Cage.

The Rage Cage is a mobile office room, made to be durable and be a space where participants can smash old, antiquated office equipment like printers, fax machines, outdated projectors, monitors, and filing cabinets. Shards of plastic and glass littered the floor after exploding from the impact of a good swing, but don’t worry, all participants wore protective gear.

Scaling New Heights is an educational conference for CPAs, bookkeepers, and other accounting professionals, hosted by business education organization Woodard. eFileCabinet was among the hundreds of presenters on the exhibition floor but came to the conference with an extra display.

eFileCabinet wanted to do more than just have a typical booth on the exhibition floor. In order to illustrate eFileCabinet’s mission with our flagship document management solution Rubex, we wanted to do something that’s never been done at a conference like this. It’s interactive, attention-grabbing, and most importantly, fun.

It was nearly impossible for passersby to not stop and look at the office carnage occurring in the cage. Even if they didn’t participate, they still wanted to gawk at the spectacle and snap pictures of their coworkers and strangers having a go in the cage.

“That was exhilarating!” “What a workout!” “So fun!” they said as they stripped off the safety helmet.

eFileCabinet would like to thank everyone involved in the event that made it a success including: 97th Floor, Phat Axe, Tucker Debevec, the organizers from Woodard and Scaling New Heights, the staff of the Salt Palace Convention Center, and all the Rage Cage participants.

Everyone involved had a good time, so stay tuned to find out if the Rage Cage will be making a comeback at future events.