Every company is on a constant search for the best and the brightest to join the team. Where do you fall in your collaboration abilities?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) has long been considered a determinant of an individual’s mental prowess. However, even the greatest inventions are byproducts of incremental, collaborative progress: No genius arrives at his or her brainchild without building upon the insight of others. That’s why collaboration is more important today in organizations than ever before. So, are you a problem solving wonk with limited teamwork skills or a charismatic Tech-Tac-Toe aficionado? Take our quiz below to find out.


Is collaboration an effective means for ensuring employee accountability?

Is digital collaboration an effective way to help include shyer employees in a discussion?

How important is collaboration to organizational effectiveness?

How complex is collaboration in the workplace?

Which of the following is most true about Cloud-based collaboration in the office?

Do you think all workflow processes should unfold linearly as they would in a vacuum or funnel?

Which of the following options best describes your perception of in-person meetings?

Which option below most closely follows how you establish workflow with teammates?

Do you enjoy empowering others and sharing credit for task completion?

Which of the following words most closely resembles the word ‘collaboration’?

Which of the below definitions best fits the term ‘Siloist’?

What's Your Collaboration IQ?
120 - 140+

Congratulations! You are an exceptionally bright collaborator who’s likely to rely on the right technology to get the job done. Psychometricians classify an IQ of 120 as ‘gifted,’ whereas a 140+ IQ is considered ‘genius.’ As a collaborator, you fall within this range, so give yourself a pat on the back.
100 - 119

With 100 being average and 119 being the high end of “bright,” you’re still ahead of the bell curve when it comes to collaboration, but nobody is a great enough collaborator to assume they needn’t improve. If you haven’t already, you may be able to bring out your best collaborator through enterprise software.
80 - 99

Uh oh: you aren’t the smartest collaborator, but you can still learn: Begin with our Document Management Software today.
60 - 79

At more than one standard deviation beneath the norm, this result places you in the doldrums of collaborative skill. However, do remember that IQ is influenced by environmental factors, too. A Document Management Software vendor like eFileCabinet may be able to optimize your workplace environment to bring out the collaborative genius in you.

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