As compelling as Forrest Gump’s terse expressions were, a workspace says more about a person than his or her shoes—especially given the fact that work hours are increasing for the average American, and most of them are not spent on foot but sitting behind a desk instead. Aside from wearing skyscraper heels to work, perhaps the greatest office faux pas of all time is working at a desk that belongs in a different decade. Want to know if your workspace is on par with modern innovation? Take the quiz below to find out!


On which TV show would your desk be most likely to appear?

In which of the following movie offices would your desk be least conspicuous?

Which of the following iconic figures would feel most comfortable working at your desk?

Where do you store important information when at your desk?

If you had to describe your desk’s Feng Shui in one word, what would it be?

Your to-do list for the week is stored in which of the following?

What is your work desk made of?

Which of the following items would you most consider a ‘must have’ for a work desk?

Approximately how many sheets of paper do you have stored in and on top of your desk combined?

How many individual items (excluding paper) do you keep on top of your desk?

How many pens do you keep in your pen container?

What Decade Does Your Workspace Belong In?

Congratulations! Your workspace is in style. Keep up the good work!

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1980s or earlier

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