Are you a data security master? Or do your habits leave your company susceptible to data breaches? Take this short quiz to find out!


You’re going on a trip, and you’ll need to do some work remotely. What do you do to ensure that you have all the files you need?

Which of the below password habits is most true for you?

Someone you know and trust at work is asking you for your computer password. What do you do?

You’re stuck in the airport, which has free public Wi-Fi. How do you use it?

A USB drive you were using for confidential client information has been lost or stolen. What do you do?

You need to send a contract to a client for them to review and sign. How do you get it to them?

You’re going through some files on your laptop while waiting for an associate to meet you at the local Starbucks and your order is ready at the counter. What do you do?

You have several documents that you no longer need, but which contain sensitive, confidential information regarding your clients. How do you handle them?

You need to take some important documents with you to a business meeting. How do you take that information?

You have reason to suspect that confidential information has been compromised. What do you do?

Do You Have Solid Data Security Habits?
Data Security Master

Congratulations! You’re a Jedi master when it comes to data security, and you put your extensive knowledge into practice on a daily basis. Your good habits help to protect your company and your clients from hacks and data breaches. Way to go!
A Few Gaps

Your data security habits are quite good, overall. You take measures to protect the sensitive information that your business handles, but there are a few gaps in your processes—and when it comes to data security, even the smallest gap can be compromised by hackers. With just a few tweaks and a bit more awareness, your company’s data will be tighter than Fort Knox!
Much To Be Desired

You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. Though you have a few good habits that put you on the right track, you’re a long way off from truly protecting your company’s data security. It’s about time you refreshed your security knowledge and picked up a few new habits, before it’s too late to protect your clients’ data.
Security Novice

It would appear you’ve never had any instruction on data security and how to protect confidential information in the workplace. We highly recommend that you take a crash course in the matter—and soon, before hackers realize what an easy target you are!

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