At eFileCabinet, we never stop looking for ways to make your office more efficient. By purchasing our electronic document management QuickBooks integration, you will be able to link customers, vendors, invoices, bills and more between our electronic document management solution and QuickBooks. With the click of a button, all profile/meta data and supporting documents associated with a transaction in QuickBooks can be stored in eFileCabinet.

Creating vendor and customer drawers inside eFileCabinet only takes seconds with our integration. Identifying information called profile data is pulled from QuickBooks and transferred to eFileCabinet for you, no duplicate data entry required. Profile data includes items such as invoice numbers, check numbers, vendor names and more. Saving this information into eFileCabinet allows you to search for these keywords and retrieve files quickly.

Along with quicker file search, the integration tool streamlines the document storage process. When a transaction is saved in QuickBooks, our “Link eFileCabinet to QuickBooks” window appears, prompting you to store any supporting documents such as a printed bill, invoice, address change or email in eFileCabinet. You can scan, browse or search eFileCabinet for the file and then the document along with its profile data is stored inside eFileCabinet. QuickBooks Integration is currently available for both eFileCabinet Desktop and eFileCabinet Online for an additional fee.

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