Open-source document management software (DMS) is widely used by organizations that want to make the transition from a paper to a paperless work environment. The term “open source” refers to the fact that the software’s original source code is readily available to the general public and easily accessible to developers for making changes and modifications. In most cases, users can download open-source document management software at no cost.

Open-source DMS integration with various third-party applications is also achievable. Integration enables you to enhance the efficiency of your operation. Integration can occur within a Windows environment, including with the products that comprise the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as QuickBooks, RightSignature and many others. What follows is an overview of DMS integration involving OpenKM, Alfresco, and bitfarm-Archiv.

  • OpenKM—OpenKM is a web-based open-source DMS featuring a web 2.0 user interface framework modeled on the Google Work Toolkit. OpenKM utilizes the Content Management Interoperability Services protocol (CMIS), which enables integration with a wide range of DMS and repositories. In addition, OpenKM features a complete API that is available through REST and SOAP that serves as a DMS integration point with various third-party applications.
  • Alfresco—Alfresco offers open source enterprise content management and business content management products. Examples include:
    • Salesforce: An Alfresco DMS integration with Salesforce enables Salesforce users to upload documents to Alfresco, enabling them to automate essential document processes, while also facilitating document sharing and collaboration. It also makes content fully searchable outside of Salesforce. Technical requirements are minimal, and all that is needed is a Cloud account. Alfresco is already equipped with a Salesforce connector that allows for fast integration in a matter of just a few minutes.
    • Microsoft Office Suite: Alfresco DMS integration can also occur with the Microsoft SharePoint Protocol technology. Users are able to work with and manage documents in the Share repository without having to enter the Share user interface.
  • bitfarm-Archiv—A bitfarm-Archiv DMS system offers the same functionality as a digital archiving system, as well as full-featured DMS and ECM. In terms of integration with third-party applications, bitfarm-Archiv enables the automatic transfer of documents from a wide range of inventory control systems. bitfarm-Archive also integrates into the Windows operating system and most products in the Microsoft Office Suite. This provides fast and easy document organization and retrieval. A wide variety of automated document management functions are also available, including version control, alteration supervision, and many others.


eFileCabinet Software Integrations

eFileCabinet Online is a closed-source document management solution that can also be integrated with popular software programs such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, and other CRM tools. Integration occurs via a set of approximately 50 REST functions, each of which enables API users to execute a unique document management task. Examples include creating new user accounts, setting file permissions, and checking in and checking out documents and files. Users also have the ability to call the REST API from virtually any web-based programming language, including JavaScript, PHP and many others.

Users are not limited to API exposed through the eFileCabinet Online product. An eFileCabinet API and software development kit can also be used by Windows-based third-party applications. These are readily available through the Component Object Model. The API and SDK are used in C# and .Net programming environments for software that is running on the same Windows computer as the eFileCabinet Desktop version.

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