eFileCabinet users can now collect digital signatures with eFileCabinet’s eSignature, powered by RightSignature LLC.

By Taija Jenkins, CPA Practice Advisor

eFileCabinet, Inc., provider of paperless and document management software, has partnered with RightSignature LLC, provider of electronic signature solutions, to offer its customers a solution for collecting digital signatures.

“By partnering with RightSignature, we are able to incorporate e-signatures into our document management suite of products to close the loop to create a totally paperless solution,” said Matt Peterson, President & CEO of eFileCabinet, Inc. “Users will not only be able to save on paper, but streamline their business so they can service more clients, close deals in seconds, and generate more revenue.”

eFileCabinet’s eSignature will be fully integrated into the suite of eFileCabinet products, allowing users to securely collect signatures via web, mobile devices, and computers. Users create signature blocks within documents for capturing signatures and can save the modified documents as templates for later use. The solution’s electronic signature capability is legally binding and documents are stored on a server for quick integration into eFileCabinet.

The dashboard shows the user every document that was sent and received as well as the signature collection progress. It tracks the time, date, email, and IP address of each signature received. eSignature users can choose the order in which signatures are collected for documents requiring multiple signatures. Once a signature has been collected, a signed copy is saved in the user’s dashboard, along with the original unsigned copy. An email including a PDF version of the signed document as well as a link to the electronic version is also sent to the person who signed the document. If multiple signatures are required, recipients are notified once all signatures have been received.

Users can send and receive documents through RightSignature’s system and upload them to eFileCabinet later or send them directly from eFileCabinet. eSignature captures the email address from the documents and matches it with the user’s email address used for eFileCabinet. Recipients also have several options for e-signing documents:

  • With a Mouse.
    Using the left-click button on a mouse or trackpad, recipients can draw their signature on a computer or laptop.
  • With a Finger.
    Documents can be completely filled out and signed using Android phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Signers can sign documents using their fingers.
  • On Your Webcam.
    Recipients can sign their name on a piece of paper and take a picture using their computer’s webcam. The application will focus in on the signature, creating a digital signature.
  • With Your Keyboard.
    Signers will simply type out their name and choose a cursive font to “sign” it in.
  • Through a Fax.
    Print out and sign a signature page. Fax it to RightSignature and the signature is applied to the document.
  • In Person.
    eFileCabinet users can pull up a document using their tablet or iPad and collect the signature right from the device.


“RightSignature’s electronic signatures and eFileCabinet’s document management solutions are a natural fit,” said Daryl Bernstein, CEO of RightSignature LLC, “Now eFileCabinet users can obtain robust RightSignature e-signatures on their business-critical notes and documents, eliminating the pain of printing, coping, and faxing to collect a signature.”

eFileCabinet’s eSignature is now available for all current eFileCabinet clients.

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