Performance reviews are a routine part of any employee’s career at a company. Whether your business does performance reviews annually or semi-annually, it’s the constant duty of HR to schedule and oversee the review process. This can be a tedious task, as you need to prepare the required materials for the reviews then prompt the employee’s supervisor to schedule a time to conduct the review. This can lead to a lot of unproductive back-and-forths as you attempt to suss out the details. After meeting, you need to make sure everything that was discussed is thoroughly documented and that those documents are organized easily accessible in the future. 

Having a system that can take care of the documentation side of things, as well as can automate the flow of information during the process, is a valuable tool for HR personnel that oversees routine performance reviews, but don’t have time to get bogged down with all the paperwork behind them. A document management system has several features perfect for those who want a more efficient process for handling HR paperwork, so they can focus on making reviews a more productive and positive experience for everyone involved.

Stop Repeating Work

Rubex by eFileCabinet has everything you need to create a fast and efficient system that easily organizes performance-related paperwork. The best part is that the actual filing of paperwork is automated, and all you need to do is upload the documents to the system. 

Using Zonal OCR, you can create templates for all of your standard forms. These templates recognize the information in predetermined fields and record it as metadata. You can set up different forms to be routed to the correct locations in the system based on the captured metadata. For example, you can create a template for your company’s standard performance review form that routes it based on the employee’s name to their folder, and the subfolder for performance reviews. 

With just a small amount of setup, you no longer have to deal with the mundane, filing of paperwork. You also never have to go digging through filing cabinets, thanks to fast, full-text search. You don’t have to know the file name in order to search for it. As long as you know what content is in the file, you can search using any text contained in it. So, you typically would only have to type in the employee’s name and “performance review” to bring up the file for you to view, download, or share.

Document Governance 

Governance allows you to essentially attach a timer to a certain document. Within Rubex, you can attach an expiration date to a performance review, which will essentially act as an alarm clock and notify you when it’s time to follow-up on the document. You can set it to notify all involved parties to let them know it’s time to schedule the next meeting. 

Governance is also used for document retention. There are many government and industry standards that require companies to retain certain personnel documents for a period of time following that employee’s departure. With governance, you can attach an expiration date to delete a document after the minimal amount of time you must retain it.

Workflows Make Reviews Efficient

Automated workflows are highly useful for keeping the flow of documents going throughout the process of the performance review. A workflow consists of preprogrammed instructions you give to the system that will then perform certain actions when specific requirements are met. In Rubex, workflows are completely customizable, so you’ll be able to create one specifically for your company’s performance review process. 

For example, a workflow you can create in Rubex can start by initiating an employee’s first performance review, by sharing the required materials for the review with the corresponding supervisor who will then fill out the forms with information and send it back with a scheduled time for the review to take place. Once the meeting takes place, the documented materials are then reuploaded and sent back to HR, where they can be reviewed, approved, and automatically archived. You can also add an option to send the completed document to the employee to give an electronic signature. If you conduct semi-annual reviews, a notification can be scheduled and attached to the performance review, which will to be sent out when it’s time to do a follow-up. 

It’s easy for routine performance reviews to get stale and unproductive if all the required paperwork gets in the way of strategizing performance plans and goals with employees. This is just one of the dozens of HR processes that Rubex can streamline to make your workday not just easier, but much more productive. To learn more about how Rubex can transform your HR department, fill out the form below to view a free, personalized demo.