Does it ever feel like your private medical practice is being held back from achieving true growth and profitability? You’re confident you provide the best care possible and retain nearly all of your regular patients, yet something feels off. The struggle may not be with the quality of care you provide but in the efficiency of your back-office.

Even if you’re a fairly small private practice or clinic, the business operation side of things can still be a lot to handle thanks to the large amount of paperwork and processes involved in running a healthcare business. You do the best you can with the small amount of labor you have to help you, but it’s a lot for you to tackle on top of providing quality care. 

Being able to save you time in the back-office will allow you to provide even better quality care for your practice, as well as save you money. The traditional processes that rule the back office such as billing, accounting, and human resources are time-consuming to the point that you’re spending so much in labor hours it eats into any kind of profit you make from the practice. Workers spend too much searching for documents in a filing cabinet or unorganized server, and much more time if the document was misfiled and is lost.

Your overhead is something you need to pay, regardless of how well your practice is doing. If you want to give your practice a way to reduce overhead while making things overall more efficient, introducing a comprehensive and intuitive document management solution can help reduce your overhead by not only doing away with paper-related costs but save labor hours on those tasks.

All The Info At Your Fingertips 

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a document management solution that keeps all of your documents in one central location, with an easy to use interface. One of the best aspects of this solution is that you never have to spend more than a few seconds looking for a document thanks to full-text search.

You can bring up any document in an instant with this powerful search tool that incorporates optical character recognition technology. All you have to do is search using any terms found in the content you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a particular document for a patient visit that occurred on a specific date, you can just search using the patient name and the date. For a particular claim, you can search with the claim number, and even narrow it down more with a cost associated with the claim.

Typical file explorer interfaces only allow you to search by the file name and a few other factors. Rubex lets you search using the text in the document itself, and it’s fast. There are other advanced search features, such as searching within a defined container, allowing you to further narrow down your search for a particular document.

This is valuable to both your medical practice and the back-office. You’ll be able to pull up a patient’s information in an instant, allowing you to waste no time in care. For the back-office, pulling up patients’ insurance info, invoices for supplies, HR sheets, etc. can all happen in an instant, so there’s no delay. 

Simplify Your Billing Process

Knowing where your documents are and finding them in an instant is a major convenience, but when it comes to completing processes that require input from team members and no one having any idea of what stage in the processes a document should be at, you need an organized workflow. 

Rubex has a workflow feature, which introduces automation to your regular processes. Manual processes can cause major slowdowns in your business operation. Invoices need approvals, employee documents need to be filed in the correct locations, patient insurance forms need to be reviewed then stored. However, these important processes can get lost in the shuffle, leading to a backlog.

Creating an automated workflow for a process allows you to essentially program a series of actions to take place when a document enters the workflow. An accounts payable workflow is a common type seen across many industries. An invoice is entered into the system and automatically put on a workflow which sends it to a supervisor who must approve and pay the invoice, or reject and send it back. 

Instead of waiting on a process or wondering what stage it should be at, you have full visibility over it, giving you insight into where you can improve things. 

Rubex by eFileCabinet is a tool to help you take care of the actual business operation of your practice, so you have more time to get back to helping patients. To see Rubex in action, click here to set up a free, personalized demo.