We’ve been hard at work and our product is better than ever. You have two great options between our desktop version and our cloud version. Both offer incredible features that will simplify your life, keep your documents secure, and save you time and money.

There’s never been a better time to go paperless.  eFileCabinet Version 2015 has all the bells and whistles our customers have been requesting!

Here are just a few of the exciting new features you’ll absolutely love:

    • New CloudView Backup: Get in-the-cloud backup benefit even as a desktop customer. This easy-to-use solution provides reliable system restoration from any catastrophic failure. Even when you’re off-site, you can safely access your backed-up files from anywhere. Click to see video
    • Email Notifications for Workflow: Workflow has always helped users save many hours in document processing by automating in-house document processes. Now it also includes instant notifications to assigned parties via email.
    • Active Directory Syncing: Importing users and groups from a Windows domain has never been easier. This feature also provides and verifies user credentials and makes the IT team breathe easier.
      Simplifile Integration: Document management and e-recording meet at last! If your company uses Simplifile, this powerful add-on to eFileCabinet Online will help you easily transfer documents from eFileCabinet to the Simplifile website for review and processing.
    • CSV Profile Export: This new feature makes it simple to export eFileCabinet profile data into one easy-to-access Excel spreadsheet.
    • Mobile: All online customers and desktop customers with a CloudView account will have access to our enhanced mobile app, which features an “at-a-glance” view of your most important information. In seconds, you can access today’s items, a quick search feature, and more.
  • ScanSnap: For quick storage of scanned documents, users will now have easy access to the new interface between eFileCabinet and Fujitsu™ ScanSnap scanner.
  • Zonal OCR: For easy management of scanned documents, Zonal OCR is a must. Scanned forms automatically convert to profile fields in eFileCabinet that are easily retrieved as metadata in a search.
  • SalesForce Integration: Control your eFCO files from within SalesForce. Creates drawers for each of your SalesForce contacts and updates files in both locations automatically.

Having a paperless office saves you time, money, and headaches. The latest version of eFileCabinet is available for one simple, annualized subscription fee. Rates include access to our award-winning support team, webinars, and all security patches and updates!

Don’t put your business at risk. Make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available. Upgrade to eFileCabinet 2015 today!

For more information, call 877-574-5505, or email to sales with “eFileCabinet 2015” as the subject line.

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