by David Whitehead

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How does someone determine which funeral home or mortuary is the right choice when they are in the beginning stages of prearranging a funeral? Most people begin with talking to friends and family to find a reputable funeral home that meets their individual needs. A good way for funeral homes to inspire confidence and bolster their reputation is by providing personalized and sincere customer service.

Using a document management system is an easy and effective way you can take your customers satisfaction to the next level, helping them have a better experience and increasing their confidence in your professionalism.


Funerals Managed with Paper

A family comes into your funeral home because their mother has just passed away. Mom had told her children that all of her funeral expenses had been paid for and all of her wishes were put down on paper. Her confidence in your funeral home allowed her to mail in all the necessary information to you well in advance. However, despite this forethought, what kind of experience are the spouse or children likely to have?

If you have to spend 20 minutes or more looking for information like prepaid insurance, her prearrangements, the list of casket, vault, headstone, and where the internment will be, and the family must wait through all that, it could raise tensions significantly. No matter how beautiful and serene your funeral home is, the family doesn’t want to be there. Getting a grieving family in and out as quickly as possible is the best way to minimize tensions and inspire confidence.

Additionally, if you are using paper documents, this opens the possibility for lost or misplaced information. It would take at least an hour to go back through and recreate the information which had previously been sent in. If this were to happen, it means time and possibly business lost.


A Better Management Solution

What if you could have all the paperwork accessible and available for the family to see within 2 minutes or less? All of their mothers wishes are there, and the family is in and out in less than 30 minutes with all the same confidence their mother had in your professionalism. The pre-need insurance policy is there, all of Mom’s wishes are on paper for the family to see and the family’s stress has been reduced. A good document management system can do that for you.

With every good experience families have, the reputation of the funeral home will become stronger and more widely known. What would that family likely tell their family and friends now? “We had a great experience! I would recommend this funeral home. We were so happy with the service and attention they gave to our needs and the way they took care of Mom.”



Old, tattered, and beat up paper files that are down in storage somewhere can be replaced with digital files which will enable you to share key information immediately. eFileCabinet’s document management software is perfect for enhancing and streamlining the operations of any business. For funerals, when nerves can be raw, any measure that can help ease the experience of families and friends is well worth the investment. To see ways that eFileCabinet can also save your organization time and money, fill out the form on this page to have one of our experts contact you for a free demo.