The most difficult thing about going paperless might be finding the right document management software (DMS) solution. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between PeopleDoc and eFileCabinet. We’ll talk about the strengths and weaknesses of both products to help you figure out which makes the most sense for your organization.


What PeopleDoc Has to Offer

PeopleDoc started as Novapost in 2007. Over the past 6 years, the founders of the company have created a product especially designed for the Human Resources community. Currently, PeopleDoc offers 4 different solutions for HR departments.


Employee Onboarding
When businesses hire employees, a lot of paperwork has to be created. In fact, employee onboarding may be why HR is always associated with paperwork. The onboarding process includes filling out a variety of documents, but it’s also about making new employees feel welcome. PeopleDoc allows your new employees to navigate the onboarding process with ease. At the same time, the process of hiring employees is streamlined because distinct workflows route requests to the appropriate individual.

Employee Portal and Case Management
How much time does your HR staff spend on answering the same questions from different employees? PeopleDoc limits the number of HR requests and empower employees by giving the latter group access to your HR knowledge base. With the Employee Portal and Case Management, employees can find the answers to their questions or they can submit a request directly to your HR staff.

HR Document Management
Proper document management is extremely important for HR records. PeopleDoc offers a solution that allows you to safely store and manage all HR files. It even comes with user-based access and automatic document retention settings.

HR Shared Services
PeopleDoc offers HR Shared Services to put the emphasis on helping people help themselves. With PeopleDoc, your employees can find the answers they’re looking for inside the knowledge base. They can also submit case requests to HR. HR Shared Services can even be connected to a call center and is accessible from multiple locations.


Who Can Benefit from PeopleDoc?

PeopleDoc offers a well-rounded DMS solution for HR departments. From onboarding to document management, it has all of the features necessary to keep your information accessible and secure. If most of your paper headaches stem from your HR department, then PeopleDoc might have the right solution for you.


Where PeopleDoc Falls Short

While HR may be the department that generates the most paperwork in your company, HR documents aren’t the only documents you need to store. Using PeopleDoc may solve some of your problems, but it doesn’t provide a full DMS solution for your entire organization. PeopleDoc also doesn’t seem to have an audit trail to ensure the authenticity of your documents.


What eFileCabinet Has to Offer

eFileCabinet offers a lot of the same features as PeopleDoc, and while isn’t exclusively designed for HR professionals, with eFileCabinet you can accomplish document sharing and new employee onboarding with the added peace of mind our audit trail functionality and security features offer.


Customizable Workflows to Eliminate Paperwork
eFileCabinet encourages the use of document workflows to eliminate dreaded paperwork. While you still have to get work done, document management inside of a workflow reduces the need for additional paperwork. It’s much easier to get your documents approved and routed to the appropriate person inside of your company when it’s done inside of the workflow. Plus, managers can easily see their employees’ workload at any given moment.

Shared Knowledge Base for the Entire Company
Empowering your employees by giving them access to more information is a great functionality that PeopleDoc offers its clients. eFileCabinet agrees that employees can be more efficient when they have the ability to find answers themselves. With our document management solution, your employees can research other questions, too, even if they’re not related to HR. That’s because your employees have access to eFileCabinet’s DMS.

Manage Your Documents Anytime, Anywhere
PeopleDoc offers the ability to access files from multiple locations with their HR Shared Service product. eFileCabinet goes a step further and offers users the ability to manage documents anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and whether you’re located in the United States or somewhere else on planet Earth, you can connect to eFileCabinet as long as you have internet access.


PeopleDoc vs. eFileCabinet

PeopleDoc and eFileCabinet both offer fine solutions to your document management problems. If most or all of your document management headaches stem from your HR department, then you might want to use PeopleDoc. One of the advantages of choosing PeopleDoc is that all of your common HR workflows are already included.

However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that will help your entire organization, from HR to Accounting, then eFileCabinet has much more to offer. You can customize document workflows for any department and move to a paperless office. Learn more about eFileCabinet by filling out the form on this page to start your free 15-minute demo.