Better Together

Partner with eFileCabinet to provide world class document management to your customers


Offer your customers the best in document management software by reselling eFileCabinet, a platform that services any sized businesses in any industry. Open up a new stream of revenue while offering your customers a brand new way to work with intelligent organization and automation.


Integrate your platform with eFileCabinet so clients can seamlessly upload files created with your product to our intelligent, cloud-based document management system, allowing them to transform how they do work for the better.

The Power of Partnership

It’s a Win-Win-Win

eFileCabinet helps people reimagine the way they work so they can get back to the work that matters. We do this by caring about customers and providing the best possible value for their business. We back that with the most intelligent document management software in the world, supported by award-winning customer service. Therefore we want to work with like-minded companies who are the best in their field and who put customer satisfaction first. Our cloud-based platform is safe, secure, and scalable. If your clients are interested in transforming their work processes, doing away with paper, detailed and accurate auditing, and superior compliance tools, then they need eFileCabinet.

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Learn what eFileCabinet can do, its capabilities, its applications, and how it services different industries and roles.